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Sync Data Between Your Platform, Garmin Connect and Garmin Devices.

Garmin products and Garmin Connect APIs offer a significant opportunity for your platform to be a more integral part of your user’s health and wellness journey or workout experience. You can create a personalized experience by integrating their daily health and fitness data into your app, or seamlessly deliver workout and course-content to their devices.

The Garmin Connect Developer Program is a collection of APIs that allows for extensive integration options. With a complete API reference implementation available and easy-to-use-developer tools, it is now easier than ever to make Garmin a part of your platform.

These APIs allow you to receive user data from Garmin Connect to your platform:

  • Health API - All-day health summary metrics such as heart rate, sleep, steps, and more.
  • Activity API - Full activity data for over 30 activity types.
  • Women’s Health API - Menstrual Cycle Tracking schedule and pregnancy information.

These APIs allow you to push workouts, training plans, and courses from your platform to users Garmin Connect accounts for them to sync to their devices:

  • Training API - Publish structured workouts and training plans for users to sync to their compatible Garmin devices.
  • Courses API - Publish courses to make them available to users for automatic syncing to their compatible wearable or cycling computer.

What’s Included?

  • API documentation
  • Convenient and secure development against the production environment with throttled access
  • Access to official Garmin Connect logo and branding requirements
  • Direct access to the Developer Program support team
  • Sample integration code for Health, Activity, and Women’s Health APIs

The Garmin Connect APIs enable cloud-to-cloud based integrations. For real-time data and a direct connection between your mobile app and Garmin wearables, check out what is possible using our Garmin Health SDKs.


Take a look at our Program FAQ and explore API specific content from the left menu.