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Women’s Health API Features

The Garmin Connect Women’s Health API provides information captured in Menstrual Cycle Tracking and Pregnancy Tracking, including schedules and pregnancy details. Similar to the Health API, these metrics are also applicable to the wellness population but additionally may be utilized alongside training plans and workout schedules.

Menstrual Cycle TrackingMenstrual Cycle Tracking
Phase DetailsPhase Details
  • REST Architecture: Fast and easy integration
  • Ping/Pull or Push Architecture: Choose the integration option that best matches your needs
  • Multi-Project Support: Create and configure your apps independently from each other
  • Developer Web Tools: Easy on-boarding, sample data, backfill user data, and auto-verification of your integration before production

How It Works

  • We provide data in JSON format, which summarizes the individual user data uploaded to Garmin Connect from supported devices such as cycle schedule.
  • After initial consent, end-users sync their device with Garmin Connect to upload device data, at which point it is accessible via the API.


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