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Take Control of Garmin Wearables and Stream Real-Time Data

Available to Garmin Health enterprise partners, the Garmin Health SDKs allow for direct integration of Garmin wearables in your Android™ or iOS app. Request access using the “Request Now” form and a member of the Garmin Health team will be in touch to discuss your business needs and arrange evaluation licenses.


Take control of Garmin wearables and create a custom, single app experience using the Garmin Health Standard SDK. Access all health and fitness activity data directly from your mobile app for Android and iOS without the need for web service integration. Configure device features to meet your program requirements. The Standard SDK is HIPAA-compliant, allowing you to aggregate and archive the data in your own systems.


Tap in to real-time sensor streams from Garmin wearables using the Companion SDK for Android and iOS. Get instant access to current activity data, like step counts, or subscribe to live streams of heart rate, stress scores, accelerometer, and more. The Companion SDK pairs perfectly with the all-day health and fitness activity data provided by the Health API, giving you the combined power of episodic and historic data to drive your unique program features.

What’s your use case?

Do you need access to real-time health metrics and sensor streams for episodic sampling but still want to incorporate the all-day metrics logged by the Garmin wearable? If so, the Companion SDK is the correct product for you and allows your users to still benefit from the Garmin Connect™ experience.

Do you need to control device features or ensure the data logged by Garmin wearables is only sent to your application and platform? If so, the Standard SDK is the right choice and puts you fully in control of both the features and the data. Create a single-app experience using Garmin devices that does not require use of any Garmin servers.

If you just need access to the health and fitness activity data from your users stored in Garmin Connect™, please check our Garmin Health API.

Please also see the following comparison to make the right decision:

Standard SDKCompanion SDK
Supported Devices**vívofit® 3/4, vívosmart® 3/4, vívoactive® 3/4, vívomove® HR/3, vívosport®, Venu®, Forerunner® series, fēnix® 5 series, fēnix® 6 series, Instinct®, tactix® Charlie, MARQ®*, Index™ Smart Scalevívosmart® 3/4, vívoactive® 3/4, vívomove® HR/3, vívosport®, Venu®, Forerunner® series, fēnix® 5 series, fēnix® 6 series, Instinct®, tactix® Charlie, MARQ®
Data types
  • Steps*
  • Calories
  • Distance
  • Sleep
  • Intensity Minutes
  • Floors Climbed
  • Heart Rate*
  • Stress*
  • Fitness Activity Details
  • Move IQ Events
  • Motion Intensity
  • Pulse Ox*
  • Body Battery
  • Respiration
  • Battery Percentage**
  • Heart Rate
  • Stress
  • Beat-to-Beat Intervals
  • Accelerometer
  • Pulse Ox
  • Respiration
  • Current values for steps, calories, intensity minutes, and floors climbed
  • Body Battery**
  • Body Percentage**
  • Unique Device ID
Real-Time Streaming DataNoYes
Compatible with Garmin ConnectNoYes
Configurable Data Logging*YesYes

*Supported Data Types for Configurable Data Logging
**Some device models may not be supported. For details, please contact the Garmin Health team.