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Activity API Features

The Activity API provides access to the detailed fitness data captured during an activity on the user’s wearable device or cycling computer. Fitness, training, wellness, or health tracking platforms can all benefit from leveraging the Activity API.

Strength TrainingStrength Training
Activity DetailsActivity Details
  • REST Architecture: Fast and easy integration
  • Ping/Pull or Push Architecture: Choose the integration option that best matches your needs
  • Customized Data Feeds: Only subscribe to the data you need
  • Multi-Project Support: Create and configure your apps independently from each other
  • Developer Web Tools: Easy on-boarding, sample data, backfill user data, and auto-verification of your integration before production
  • Full Activity Details Access: Activity data files (.FIT, GPX, .TCX formats) available for complete activity details

How It Works

  • The Activity API offers access to FIT files. If you are interested in finding out more about the FIT file, check out the FIT SDK documentation.
  • After initial consent, end-users sync their device with Garmin Connect to upload device data, at which point it is accessible via the API.
  • After approval, you will have access to an evaluation environment to test the Garmin Connect Activity API.


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