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The Garmin Health SDKs are available for enterprise use. If you are interested, please request the Garmin Health SDK you require and we’ll review your application quickly.

Before you do so, you may want to go through these questions and answers first:

What’s the difference between the Garmin Health SDKs and the Health API?

The Companion SDK enables real-time streaming of Garmin device data and provides access to configurable logged data as marked in the table on the “Overview” page. The Standard SDK allows complete control of the device and all logged data, removing the use of Garmin servers.

The Health API allows for access to all data synced through Garmin Connect via web services, but you cannot configure or control the device.

Can I include Garmin wearables in my project?

Absolutely. If you want to enhance your project by offering Garmin wearables, please request the Garmin Health SDK you require and enter the number of devices you believe you will support. A member of the Garmin Health team will contact you to discuss how best to sell and provide the wearables to your users.

Are there any fees or service charges?

Evaluation is free, but commercial use requires either a license fee or device minimum order quantity commitment. A member of the Garmin Health team will work with you to design a business model that fits your needs.

What if I need more data fields than the Garmin Health SDK offers?

If you require more data fields, please contact the Garmin Health team.

Do I need to update the Garmin Health SDKs when new data types are added?

Yes, you need to update the SDKs in order to receive new data types.

Which data transfer technology is used and which operating systems are supported?

Garmin devices only support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The SDKs support Android™ 6.0+ and iOS 11+.

Can I evaluate the Garmin Health SDKs before purchasing?

Yes. The Garmin Health team will work with you on an appropriate evaluation period before requiring a commercial agreement.

Further questions?

Please request the SDKs and a Garmin Health team member will contact you shortly.