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Content for Mobile Apps

For all activities on the water, the Navionics


Boating app brings detailed nautical charts and marine data to boaters worldwide. Now this industry-leading content is available to third-party software developers for integration in their mobile apps for Apple


or Android™ devices. This content may include standard nautical charts, HD bathymetry, tides and currents, map option features and more.

Simplified App Integration

An intuitive, easy-to-use Navionics software development kit (SDK) provides the toolset for embedding selected cartography and features within other applications. By adding just a few lines of code, developers can use the SDK tools to adapt a wide range of Navionics charts and options that expand their mobile app’s marine data capabilities. To use our mobile SDK in your app, you need a developer token. This is a short alphanumeric code that allows your application to be authorized to use Navionics cartography and SDK features.

How to Connect with Navionics Chart Data

Garmin makes it easy to select the Navionics data package and pricing structure that works best for your application.

  • Mobile SDK in-app purchase

    This plan lets you purchase rights for Navionics cartography content and features that users can access directly through your app. You bring the embedded product to the customer through your app, manage it and monetize it with no direct end-user connection from Garmin.

Features Your App Users Will Appreciate

See what you can access from Navionics marine data

For cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and other recreational marine activities, the Navionics mobile SDK provides valuable cartography and content for developers to integrate within their mobile device apps. Here are a few examples:

  • Nautical chart

    Offering a comprehensive cartography resource for offshore and inland boaters, nautical chart lets users study port plans and safety-depth contours, identify tides and currents, and locate navaids, marine services and much more.

  • SonarChart™ HD bathymetry maps

    These maps feature extraordinary HD bottom contour detail enhanced by millions of boater-contributed sonar logs. SonarChart mapping is ideal for locating fishing areas and providing navigational awareness of shallow waters.

  • Tides and currents

    Knowing what conditions to expect before heading out on the water is crucial for a successful voyage. This content can help users gauge how the movement of tides and currents may affect their navigation planning.

  • Map options

    Focus on the details that matter most to you. Customize chart views, adjust map settings, highlight shallow areas, set a fishing range, set depth areas/depth contour ranges, and more.

  • Daily updates

    Navionics charts are constantly being enhanced with new and amended content from official hydrographic sources, public and private surveys and millions of contributions from boaters. Thousands of updates are made to chart layers every day.

  • Quick info and object info

    Search is a key feature on most mobile apps. The search formatting allows users to quickly scan results to discover the content and features they’re looking for.

  • Want to know more?

    Request our SDK to get more detailed information.