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Submit an App

Once your apps are fully tested and ready to go, you can publish and promote your apps.

Prepare your app for submission:

  1. Make sure your app manifest specifies all the products you wish to support.
  2. Use the Monkey C: Export Project command in the Visual Studio Code Monkey C extension to generate your .iq file that contains the binaries for all of the products you are supporting.
  3. After you select it, you will be presented a wizard to create the IQ file.
  4. Click Finish to generate an app package. You can also click Next to update the list of supported languages before exporting. If there are no errors, your apps are now ready to publish.

Publishing the First Version

The first step is to upload your IQ file to the Connect IQ Store.

Once the binary has been validated you will be able to add a description and screen shots. Be very specific in your description. This is your chance to get people interested in getting your app.

Submit an App

Approval Process

After you upload your app successfully, we will review it. You will be able to preview your app and download it yourself for testing. While approval is pending, your app will not appear in the Connect IQ Store. Once it’s approved, we will notify you. Then it will appear on the Connect IQ Store for all users to send to their devices.

General Guidelines

We’re glad you want to develop Connect IQ apps, and we want you to be successful. Here are some guidelines that you should keep in mind as you develop your apps. These guidelines will help you speed through the approval process.

Keep in mind that these guidelines may change at any time.