Class: Toybox.WatchUi.GlanceView


The class that represents a glance view which can be used to display the widget preview content in a restricted drawing context (dc) among other widgets.

Glance view behaves mostly like a regular WatchUi.View, e.g. user can load layout and update view using View.onLayout() and View.onUpdate(), however, the dc object passed in those calls will be bounded by glance area rather than a full screen dc.

GlanceView doesn't support WatchUi.Layer or other View APIs that are associated with layering system, such as View.addLayer() View.removeLayer(), View.insertLayer(), View.clearLayers()

The widget that's running in the glance mode are prohibited from using page control functionality, as there is only one view allowed during said mode.


API Level 3.1.0

Supported Devices:

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API Level 3.1.0

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