Class: Toybox.Sensor.SensorInfoIterator


A class encapsulating a collection of Sensors

The SensorIterator describes a collection of SensorInfo objects that describe actual sensors. Such an iterator is retrieved using the appropriate "get*Sensors' methods found in Sensor at the module level.


Gets a SensorIterator object for all registered external heart rate sensors on the device

using Toybox.Sensor;

function getHeartRateSensorIterator() {
    if (Sensor has :getRegisteredSensors) {
        return Sensor.getRegisteredSensors(Sensor.SENSOR_HEARTRATE);
    return null;


API Level 3.2.0

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Instance Method Details

next() as Sensor.SensorInfo or Null

Get the current SensorInfo and advance.

Get the current SensorInfo and advance self to refer to the next.



API Level 3.2.0

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