Module: Toybox.PersistedLocations


Persisted locations allows the saving of a location (waypoint) to a device's location list. This feature is only available on devices that support waypoints.

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API Level 1.0.2

App Types:

  • Watch App

  • Audio Content Provider

Supported Devices:

Requires Permission:

  • PersistedLocations

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Instance Method Details

persistLocation(location as Position.Location, options as { :name as Lang.String or Null } or Null) as Void

This has been deprecated

This method will be removed in Connect IQ 4.0.0.

Save a location (waypoint) to the device's location list


  • location(Position.Location)

    Location object to persist

  • options(Lang.Dictionary)

    Dictionary of options, or null to accept defaults

    • :name(Lang.String)

      Name to assign to the waypoint. If not specified will be auto-named.

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API Level 1.0.2

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