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ANT Wireless Networks


ANT Wireless Networks

ANT Wireless lets you build robust, ultra-low-power (ULP) wireless communications into products for sports, fitness, the ANT+ ecosystem, other markets that tie into our ecosystem, and beyond. Build products from scratch using the ANT Protocol, and tie into our product ecosystem through Connect IQ, ANT and ANT+ interoperability.

ANT Protocol

The ANT Protocol is an ULP 2.4GHz wireless radio networking protocol. It’s ubiquitous in sport and fitness applications and applicable in other wireless, residential, commercial and industrial control applications. ANT is a flexible solution that supports flexible network topologies, including mesh networks.

ANT+ Ecosystem

The ANT+ Ecosystem is an inter-brand, interoperable ecosystem of products built on the ANT protocol that communicate using ANT+ device profiles. The device profiles for specific activities let you tie your ideas into our sport and fitness products and the broader ANT+ product ecosystem.


Get the tools you need (including the FIT SDK) to create and share files between ANT devices.