Garmin Developers

ANT Wireless Networks


ANT Protocol Details

The ANT Protocol is an ultra-low-power (ULP) wireless networking protocol operating in the 2.4GHz band. The protocol has unique aspects that allow for the following:

  • Any given node in the network can act as both the master for one channel (connection), and as the slave for another channel (connection). This flexibility allows complex network topologies to be formed, including mesh networks.
  • Individual networks are identified by a network key. The ANT+ network key (and the ANT+ frequency) are reserved for ANT+ devices only. Public and private network keys are available for use by other ANT devices.
  • Support for AES-128 encrypted channels — for secure connections.
  • Ease of use — for developers, manufacturers and end consumers. Developer tools make ANT easy to build products with; flexibility makes ANT easy to pair and use for consumers.
  • Flexible development environments — ANT software and development tools are available for multiple platforms, including Android, Windows and Mac.
  • Efficiency and a small size — a small protocol stack footprint means more space for application developers to realize their ideas.

Resources and components available for building with ANT include the following:

  • ANT network processor and SoC chips
  • ANT+ Application-specific chips
  • ANT modules and USB sticks
  • ANT development kits

ANT+ Ecosystem Details

ANT+ is an expanding ecosystem with more than 95 Garmin products and more than 600 certified and commercially available products — from personal displays to sensors, smartphones and more.

  • Use ANT+ Development tools and reference designs speed development.
  • Take advantage of long-term battery operation.
  • Participate in an active ANT+ community contributing to ANT+ device profile portfolio development.
  • Join the ecosystem built on the ANT 2.4 GHz wireless protocol.
  • Create interoperable products using available ANT+ device profiles.

Device Profiles for Sport and Fitness

  • Heart rate
  • Combined speed and cadence
  • Bicycle power
  • Bicycle speed
  • Bicycle cadence
  • Data from fitness equipment
  • Real-time fitness equipment control
  • Running/walking speed
  • Tennis performance
  • Geocache
  • Bike suspension
  • Activity data
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Personal weight and body composition
  • Step count
  • Muscle oxygen
  • Blood pressure
  • Plantar foot pressure
  • Continuous glucose

Device Profiles for Extended Applications

  • Light electric vehicle
  • Video camera control
  • Temperature
  • Audio hub to peripheral
  • Position
  • Music control
  • Videohub to peripheral
  • Phone control
  • Keypad control
  • Share stored files
  • Generic control