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Download all official Garmin Connect IQ brand logos and badges.


Garmin Connect IQ Brand Guidelines

A successful Connect IQ app requires more than just great functionality. It also needs memorable branding and iconography to appeal to customers. The following guidelines will help you accomplish that.

As you develop apps for the Connect IQ store and Garmin products, these guidelines will help you promote them and their relationship with Connect IQ effectively. By including Connect IQ imagery in your marketing materials, you can promote your app's availability in the Connect IQ store, as well as its compatibility with Garmin products. Please do not alter any Connect IQ brand images.


Three colors are approved for use in the Garmin Connect IQ logo.

Hex: #109AD7
CMYK: 76,25,0,0
Pantone 2925C
Hex: #000000
CMYK: 40,30,30,100
CMYK: 0,0,0,0


Two logos are approved to use for the Garmin Connect IQ logo. There are also reversed versions of the logo to be paired with dark backgrounds.

Full Color
One Color


The badge can be used to promote apps that are compatible and available on the Connect IQ store app and website.

Dark Badge
Light Badge

App Tile

Use the Garmin Connect IQ tile to promote the app or when showing the app on a mobile phone screen.

App Store Assets

When it comes to promoting your specific Connect IQ applications, the Connect IQ store allows you to upload various assets.

Asset Attributes: 500px x 500px, Color space: sRGB

The most effective asset for promoting your application is the app icon. This icon will display in the app lists throughout Connect IQ and in search results. Allow 10px of padding between the edge of the image to place focus on the icon. Center the icon in the allowed space and do not stretch, compress or skew the image.

When choosing an icon design, simpler is usually better. Images that are complex or contain a lot of details can be hard to discern at smaller sizes. Instead, choose a simple, compelling image that best represents your application.

Here are some other design best practices to keep in mind for your icon:

  • Do not choose black or transparent backgrounds (transparent backgrounds allow the Connect IQ background color to show)
  • Choose a simple, solid background color that puts the emphasis on your app icon
  • Steer clear of descriptive text anywhere on the icon
  • Do not use clip art
  • Avoid fine details like shimmer or shadows
  • You cannot use any elements of Garmin branding in your icon without express permission from Garmin

For watch faces, using a preview of the watch face as the app icon often works best. For data fields, apps and audio content providers, focus on providing a consistent brand identity in your app icon.

On Device App Icon

Icon Attributes: 128px x 128px, Color space: sRGB

If desired, you can also provide an app icon for the Connect IQ store experience on Garmin devices. The store allows for a full-color icon for devices with OLED displays and a low-color icon for devices with memory-in-pixel displays. When creating a low-color image, limit yourself to the 64-color palette.


Hero Images

Hero Image Dimensions: 1440 x 720px

App hero images offer a compelling way to bring more attention and focus to your app. You can further reinforce your app's branding and function with effective use of photography, illustrations and more. If your hero image contains text callouts or captions, it's best to upload separate images in different languages to communicate with all potential customers.


If you need further guidance on the Garmin Connect IQ brand guidelines discussed here, feel free to contact us.

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