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Download all official Garmin Connect IQ brand logos and badges.


Garmin Connect IQ Brand Guidelines

Once Connect IQ app developers have their app approved and published in the Connect IQ app store, they can promote it using the guidelines and images provided here. By including this imagery in your digital and printed marketing materials, you can effectively and accurately promote your Connect IQ app’s availability on the Connect IQ app store, as well as its compatibility with Garmin products. Please do not alter these images.


Three colors are approved for use in the Garmin Connect IQ logo.

Pantone 2925C
Hex: #109AD7
CMYK: 76,25 0,0
Hex: #000000
CMYK: 40,30,30,100

Two colors are approved for use in the Garmin Connect IQ badges and tile.

Dark Gray
Hex: #494848
CMYK: 66, 59, 58, 40
Light Gray
CMYK: 27, 20, 20, 0


Full Color

Full Color Reversed

One Color

One Color Reversed


The “download the app…” badge can be used to promote apps available on the Connect IQ store app and website.

Minimum height 88px

The “works with…” badge can be used to promote apps that are compatible with Connect IQ.

Minimum height 88px


Use the Garmin Connect IQ tile to promote the app or when showing the app on a mobile phone screen.

Minimum height 88px


For further guidance on Garmin Connect IQ brand guidelines, contact us.

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