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1.2.11 Is Now Available

A new Connect IQ SDK is out, with new device support!

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2.1 Preview

Widget and app support for Edge, FIT recording, and new web APIs are among the amazing features in the next generation SDK.

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Build Apps for the Active Lifestyle

Since 2001, our purpose-driven wearable devices have played essential roles in our customers’ active lifestyles. Now with Connect IQ, you can build apps for our expanding line of wearable devices.

Connect IQ is the first-ever open platform for third-party developers to create apps for our products. With Connect IQ, you can build on the features that have made our products an integral part of our loyal customers’ active lifestyles. You’ll be able to:

How You Build It

The Connect IQ SDK contains all the necessary tools to build the different types of apps (watch faces, data fields, widgets and apps) for the Connect IQ platform.

Get the Connect IQ SDK now to start building apps for our wearable devices. The SDK includes a device simulator so you have a testing platform for what you’re building.

Developer Philosophy

We designed the Connect IQ tools so that they’re easy to use. You’ll be empowered at all levels with development tools that are tightly integrated with our hardware. This tight integration is what creates the purpose-driven user experience that consumers love and expect from our products.

Monkey C — A New Programming Language

The backbone of the Connect IQ SDK is the new language that we built from the ground up. This language, Monkey C, should be familiar if you already know languages like Java™, Ruby and Python. Monkey C was created to round out the sharp edges of writing apps for wearable devices. It lets you focus on the user and less on resource constraints.

Build something with us, because together, your innovation has no boundaries.

Join Us

We invite you to join us and play an essential role in the active lifestyles of our customers. Get the Connect IQ SDK to start building apps that engage and integrate with our portfolio of wearable devices.

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