VIRB Network Services API


How can clients discover a camera?

Clients can discover VIRB X/XE using mDNS protocol while connected to same Wi-Fi network as camera or connected to the Wi-Fi network hosted by the camera. For all the JSON commands, clients should use the IP address resolved through mDNS discovery.

How do I download videos, photos and fit files?

Execute the “mediaList” command over JSON to identify the URL to the video, photo or fit file and download the MP4, JPG or fit file with an HTTP client. For example: wget http://<camera ip address>/media/video/DCIM/100_VIRB/VIRB0009.MP4

How do I generate a thumbnail of a photo?

Execute the “mediaList” command over JSON to identify the URL to the video or photo and download and display the BMP file in the thumbURL.

How do I generate a thumbnail of a video?

Execute the “mediaList” command over JSON to identify the URL to the video. Use ffmpeg to render the first frame of the video to a file or if you’re linking ffmpeg into your application, you can directly display the thumbnail in your user interface. For example: ffmpeg -i http://<camera ip address>/media/video/DCIM/100_VIRB/VIRB0009.MP4 -f image2 -vframes 1 frame.png

How do I change a video mode?

Execute the “features” command to list the possible “videoMode” options and execute “updateFeature” with the new “videoMode” option.

Are numbers in JSON command quoted or unquoted?

Numbers may or may not be quoted. In general, we’re moving toward unquoted numbers, although a few may still be quoted.

What is the date-encoding scheme used?

Dates are stored in seconds in the UNIX epoch. However, dates may be reported from a file system. In this case, the dates and times may be subject to the same limitations of the underlying file system. For example, the FAT32 file system’s date granularity is limited to two seconds, and has unusual localization.

What happens when an attempt is made to change settings while recording?

If an updateFeature command is made while the device is recording, it may respond either two ways:

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