Training API

Allow Users to Import Workouts to Garmin Connectâ„¢

The Training API lets users share their workouts and workout schedules from your platform to their Garmin Connect account, making it easy for them to view their plan in a centralized location and on their Garmin device when it’s time to start training.

The Training API is available for business use and allows your platform to be an integrated part of the Garmin experience.

Training API Features

The Training API lets you publish workouts and schedules to Garmin Connect. Through Garmin Connect, these workouts will be made available to your users on their Garmin devices automatically. They can easily start a workout and follow the steps on the wearable or cycling computer. With complete control over the specification of the workout details, you can be sure your users have the information they need exactly when they need it most.

What's Included?


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