Training API


Why should I be interested in the Training API?

The Training API can expand the utility of your content and broaden your user base by making it an integrated part of the Garmin experience. Your users will be able to follow the steps of your workouts from their Garmin wearables and cycling computers, increasing the likelihood of program adherence.

Can I include Garmin devices in my project / offering?

Absolutely. If you want to enhance your project by offering Garmin devices, please request the Training API, and enter the number of devices you believe you will support. A member of the Training API team will contact you to discuss how best to sell and provide the devices to your users.

What’s the cost of the Training API?

The Training API is free of charge, but it is only for business use.

Are there any further maintenance fees or service charges?

No, the Training API is free for business partners.

What’s the integration process like, and how long does it take?

After you request the Training API, Garmin will review your application within two business days. If approved, you will be granted access to the Garmin Developer Portal and can get started on your integration right away. In parallel, we will invite you to an integration call to help understand your needs and walk you through the high-level technical details of the Training API. A typical integration takes between 2 to 4 weeks.

Does the Training API support all upcoming new devices?

Yes. Since the Training API is connected to accounts and not to devices, new devices are supported automatically.

Can I send data directly to the device?

No. After providing consent, users can obtain your workouts and training plans through Garmin Connect. Garmin handles the rest of the experience and all interaction with the device.

What OAuth format does the Training API use?

The Training API uses OAUTH 1.0a.

Can I test the Training API?

Yes. After approval, you will be able to test your integration against our production environment with throttled access.

Can I participate in this program if I'm already a Garmin Health API or Garmin Connect API developer?

Yes. Our support team will work with you on the best way to configure access for your users.

Further questions? Contact us by requesting the Training API or e-mail.