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Garmin Brand Guidelines

We encourage you to use our brand with your related promotional materials.

Do not edit the proportions (squish or stretch) of any logos and make sure to follow all of the guidelines spelled out below.


Applying the Logo

Our logo is treated carefully to ensure that it is large enough to be seen but not so large as to create the impression that we are a cheap, promotional brand. It should represent confidence and control and should not shout or annoy.

Our logo is an important way people identify with the Garmin brand. By design, it is not heavy handed, but rather evokes a sense of quality, technology, clean design, and is an elegant reminder to every customer that Garmin products are among the finest in the world. That elegance hinges on a degree of graphic respect that mandates we do not encroach on the area around the corporate logo. By keeping graphics or words away from the immediate proximity of the logo, it also invites the reader’s eye to focus on our logo and our brand.

Clear Space

A clear space equal to the height of the logotype is the minimum area that must remain clear above the logo. This neutral zone assures proper emphasis to our logo and assists in its easy identification.

Approved Logo Forms

Our logo can be used in two different forms:

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Connect IQ™

Garmin Connect IQ brand guidelines can be found within the Connect IQ documentation.

Garmin Connect Mobile

App Tile

On-device / Print / Digital Application

The primary use of the tile is for use on a mobile/tablet device. It is also preferred to be used on collateral and digital materials where there are opportunities to expand on the app story or showcase app screens.

App Badges

Print Application

The “works with the app” badge is used on print materials to promote the app.

Digital Application

The “download the app” badge is used on digital materials that link to download the app.

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Media Gallery

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