Map Product Creator

Create Custom Maps

Create custom maps that can be easily loaded onto Garmin devices with Map Product Creator (MPC).

MPC accepts shapefile data from third-party geographic information systems (GIS) and converts it to our proprietary, routable format. MPC can create a variety of products including automotive maps, topographic map and specialty thematic maps. These can be distributed for the general consumer market or for specific industry, military or research applications.

Add MPC maps to Garmin devices through direct unit preprogramming, mircoSD™/SD™ cards, CD/DVD and Internet/intranet download. MPC is not compatible for mobile devices.

Experience Required

To use MPC software, you must be knowledgeable in the creation and editing of raw map data files in DXF and/or ESRI Shapefile format.

Mapping Features

MPC gives you access to many features already built in our devices.


Program Support

You’ll get extensive help files with both the evaluation and full use MPC software. Technical support is available to specific issues/errors and general troubleshooting.

Developers can appear on our third-party map developer list for consumer visibility, but we do not distribute third-party products ourselves. We provide production developers with approved wording and a specialized logo to reflect their legitimate developer status.

Pricing & Reporting

MPC has one-time licensing fee of $5,000. Products locked to a micro™SD/SD™ card require a proprietary Garmin card reader at a cost of $100 each. There are no royalty fees for products created with MPC.

Free 90-day Trial

Contact us to request* a free 90-day trial of MPC. You’ll receive a fully functional version of MPC software and a 3-month trial license.

Request Your Free 90-day Trial

*Evaluation and licensing of MPC is subject to approval.