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VIRB XE Opens Support for Wireless Interaction

08/05/15 @ 08:29 AM

Supporting the various unique and interesting requests of the action camera community is important to Garmin, and we are pleased to announce an API publication for wireless interaction with the VIRB X and VIRB XE action cameras!  The VIRB Network Services API allows developers to build a direct connection to one or more cameras into applications on all kinds of Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Having access to the camera allows an application to create seamless interactions with the camera and harness the streams of video, photo and data to meet all kinds of unique needs.

VIRB XE cameras are discoverable through the API, allowing an application to see and connect to multiple cameras simultaneously. Monitoring and configuring the status of the connected camera(s) is possible and also allows direct control of the camera(s). Setting a camera configuration, controlling multiple cameras at one time, and more are available. Real-Time monitoring of the video and audio streams in both preview and record modes is possible, along with full file browsing and transfer after the recording is finished or photos are captured.

Building a multi-camera viewer, automated transfer tool or scripts to control legions of cameras are all possible using this new API.  We can’t wait to see what you do with it - build something with us!