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These 7 Connect IQ Partners Will Inspire You

01/05/15 @ 02:23 PM

In conjunction with the launch of new products at CES, we’re super excited to partner with companies that each show valuable new use cases for our wearable devices. The apps from these partners take the Connect IQ platform to new and exciting places.

  • Tempo — A smart calendar widget that will let you see upcoming events and send emails from your watch if you’re running late.
  • LifeLine Response — A personal safety app that’s expanding to include Garmin devices with 24/7 professional safety.
  • AccuWeather — A widget that provides air quality and allergy information at a glance.
  • iSKI — A widget that provides the latest weather, snow, ski lift and slope information.
  • Octane Fitness — An app that bridges the gap between outdoor runs and indoor workouts on the Octane Zero Runner to seamlessly track all your workout stats.
  • Moxy — An app that monitors your muscle oxygenation during workouts, showing you what is happening within your muscles via the Moxy muscle oxygen monitor.
  • Komoot — An app that provides turn-by-turn directions on hiking and mountain biking trails.

You’ll be able to get these apps and widgets soon, along with others, in the Connect IQ Store. Have they already inspired your app development? Let us know!

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