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Ready to upload your creations to the Connect IQ Store?

01/05/15 @ 09:02 AM

We’ve been working on it for months, and now it’s (halfway) ready. The Connect IQ Store at is finally open for widgets and data fields. That means that users can now get all the wonderful widgets and data fields that you’ve built.

Are you ready to show the world the fruits of your labor?

We’re halfway there right now with widgets and data fields ready for users to download. Coming soon, they’ll be able to get widgets and applications. But keep on making all kinds of apps. You can still develop all 4 types with the Connect IQ SDK. And the moment you can start uploading widgets and applications to the store, you can bet we’ll be singing the news from the rooftops. 

You will start to get more exposure to your apps as more and more users visit Garmin Connect. When a compatible device is in their account, the Connect IQ Store will be easily accessible to users through Garmin Connect.

So get those apps finished and tested. Then find out how to publish them in the Connect IQ Store.

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