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Looking Forward: Connect IQ Release Schedule

06/16/15 @ 04:28 PM

Here at Monkey C headquarters, we love to give our developers candy. Candy, candy, candy! We wish we could give everyone candy every day, but sadly it takes us time to make the candy. It also takes us time to make sure the candy doesn’t leave a bad taste. The best way to make sure the candy we give you is delicious is to be open about when we are sending the candy, and what you can expect. [Editors Note: Garmin is a health and wellness company and would like to say that the Connect IQ team provides “Refreshing, healthy, low calorie vegetable smoothies” to its developers, not candy as previously inferred.]

We have put together the following rules on Connect IQ versioning. The goal is to be able to intelligently add new features to an SDK while making sure apps run on the widest range of products. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a set of rules for what to expect in different levels of releases.

A Connect IQ micro release (x.y.Z) can have: :

    Bug fixes
    New APIs to support bug fixes
    Add support for a new product to the SDK

A Connect IQ minor release (x.Y.z) can have:

    API additions
    API deprecations
    Bug fixes

A Connect IQ major release (X.y.z) can have:

    New Monkey C language/byte code interpreter features
    API additions
    API deprecations
    API removals

We plan to have a new major version of Connect IQ every year. For every major version, we plan to have four minor releases spaced out across two years. This means a product launched alongside a Connect IQ major version will get two years of maintenance: the first two releases (X.1.z and X.2.z) will have new features, while the later versions (X.3.z and X.4.z) will focus on bug fixes, feature alignment with the next major revision when possible, and maintenance. Releases come out in the first and third quarter of each year. Products that launch with on a major version of Connect IQ may upgrade to the next major version of Connect IQ if they can meet the minimum requirements.

We are very excited about our upcoming 1.2.0 release which will improve connectivity, allow users to edit app settings in Garmin Connectâ„¢ Mobile and Garmin Express, and others new features. Connect IQ 1.2.0 will be in late September… hey, wait a minute, that is around the time of ANT+ Symposium! The Connect IQ Monkeys will be there to give technical talks about Connect IQ. Come join us, won’t you?


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