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EDGE Data Fields Available Today!

03/10/16 @ 10:12 AM


Connect IQ is now ready to be on the handle bars of over 500,000 EDGE devices around the world. This is the capability that our EDGE owners have been anxiously awaiting and the day has come. All they have to do is to update their firmware which is pretty automatic and they are set for your data fields. With this update the EDGE 1000, Explore 1000 and EDGE 520 will all be compatible with Connect IQ. To update your compatible Edge device so you can start using Connect IQ please use Garmin Express.

With EDGE data fields you will have all of the capabilities that you have on the wearables. All of the same sensor data, APIs and UI tools are available. But we do have some exciting news about data fields on the Edge. You can now use generic ANT within the data field! That means bringing in new sensor data into the data field experience. This is big news for a lot of our innovative partners around the world.

Specialized Turbo LEVO Data Field


We are excited to launch this new feature of our EDGE devices with Specialized Bikes as they launch their new Turbo LEVO e-mountain bike. The Specialized Turbo Levo features all the hallmarks the Specialized mountain bikes are known for while streamlining Turbo technology integration to give you the power to ride more trails. With the Specialized Turbo Levo Connect IQ Data Field you have the opportunity to extend and customize your display.

The Connect IQ Data Field displays all Turbo Levo specific information like bike state of charge, current assist mode or rider input power. Even better, it also allows you to control and switch the Eco/Trail/Turbo assist modes wirelessly right from your Garmin device.

This Specialized Turbo LEVO data field is a great example of the power that Connect IQ bring by connecting devices for a complete experience using the ANT technology.

Connect IQ on the EDGE

These data fields are just the first step in enabling the EDGE devices with Connect IQ. The next steps will be to add both widgets and apps. Keep an eye on the blog or join the newsletter to know when the developer tools are available.

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  • MoxyDataField
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Get Started Today

To get started, download the latest SDK Connect IQ 1.2.6. With the developer tools it will be easy to make your data field compatible with these new EDGE devices. Especially if you have created a SimpleDataField. For more information on developing data fields start with the programmer’s guide. As always, the Connect IQ forum is your best source to get your questions answered about the latest Connect IQ SDK. 

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