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Connect IQ Store Updates - New Apps and Developer Metrics

07/15/15 @ 10:45 AM

Today, we are launching two new features in the Connect IQ app store that will directly benefit both our developers and Connect IQ users!

    New and Updated Apps: This new section will have the newest and latest apps on the store.  Users will be able to find these new and updated apps on both the Connect IQ Store home page and as a section on the device pages (ex. fenix 3). This should make it much easier for people to find the latest and greatest apps in the store!
    Developer Statistics: Developers will now be able to see downloads graphed across the past 10 days, weeks, and months. When logged into the store you should have it available next to your reviews.  This should provide you with a much better view into how your app is performing.

These new features in the store are just some of the ways we are always looking to improve the developer and users experience around Connect IQ.  We hope you like them.

o/\o The Connect IQ Team

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