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Connect IQ now on the EDGE

09/29/15 @ 10:52 AM

When will Connect IQ be on the Edge???

This is the question we get the most from our developer community and passionate people who love Garmin devices.

We listened…

Edge and Connect IQ

Connect IQ + Edge

Today we bring you Connect IQ on the Edge.

This is an important step in the life of Connect IQ as we grow from a purpose-built wearable program into more purpose-built devices. 

We are bringing Connect IQ to the Edge 1000, the Edge Explore 1000, the Edge 520, and more in the future.  There are hundreds of thousands of these Edges in the world that will be ready for Connect IQ when it hits the devices early Q1 next year.

Developers Can Start Today

In the meantime, we are excited to put the tools into your hands and start developing for these devices so you are ready when they launch. 

To get started, go to the developer site and download the latest SDK Connect IQ 1.2.  This SDK comes with the tools and simulators to develop for an Edge 1000 or Explore 1000.  If you have an Edge 1000 or Edge Explore 1000 you can download the beta firmware and test on a real device. 

What can you do on the Edge?

When we launch Connect IQ on the Edge early Q1 there will be data fields, widgets and apps.  We are starting with data fields first and will add widgets and apps as we get closer to launch. 

Edge Dashboard

Data Fields

With the data fields you will have all of the capabilities that you have on the wearables.  All of the same sensor data, APIs and UI tools are available.  But we do have some exciting news about data fields on the Edge.  You can now use generic ANT within the data field!  That means bringing in new sensor data into the data field experience.  This is big news for a lot of our innovative partners around the world.

We are excited about this launch and can’t wait to see how you innovate on the Edge.  We know our users are going to love having your apps on the Edge.

Get Started Today

To get started, download the latest SDK Connect IQ 1.2. You can also download a beta firmware for the EDGE 1000 to try your data fields on device.

The documentation for Edge data fields will be available in the programmer’s guide on the developer site.

As always, the Connect IQ forum is your best source to get your questions answered about the latest Connect IQ SDK. 

Stay tuned to the blog and sign up for the Connect IQ developer email to learn the latest about Connect IQ.  This is where we will keep you up to date on when you can upload your apps for the Edge + Connect IQ Launch.

o/\o The Connect IQ Team

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