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Connect IQ Developer Award - Best ANT Enabled App - Winner

04/20/17 @ 03:00 PM

Stryd - Stryd

Stryd, a foot-mounted power meter, measures your running efficiency, pinpoints your performance bottleneck, and guides you through personalized cardiovascular and strength training, as well as form improvements, so you can improve your efficiency and run faster. Stryd also provides the power-based training intensity control and race-day pacing you have grown to expect.

Redefine your performance with power-based training by tracking power, improving run form, and letting Stryd guide your performance seamlessly on your watch screen. The Stryd power meter measures your body’s power output in watts, so you can train at the right intensity, pace yourself for optimal race-day performance, and run more efficiently.




XERT Workout Player Stryd MOXY Trek






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