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Connect IQ 3.0.1 Now Available!

08/16/18 @ 09:57 AM

Connect IQ 3 is here! This version adds a number of new features and improvements:

  • New MapView allows you to embed map views into your Connect IQ apps.*
  • The new audio content provider apps type lets you make apps that interface with the media player. You can now make music, podcast, or other audio content apps for Garmin wearables.**
  • New Menu2 and CustomMenu provide a much richer menu framework.
  • Trial app support
  • New cryptography APIs for hashing and encryption/decryption.
  • New automatic symbol checking (ASC) checks your code for mis-typed symbols at compile time, but keeps the dynamic functionality of Monkey C
  • New onAppInstall and onAppUpdate functionality allow you run code at install time, including requesting OAUTH credentials
  • Capture beat to beat intervals using the optical heart rate sensor
  • New HTTP tracking dialog helps you debug web requests in the simulator.
  • Improvements like byte arrays, the ability to cache bitmaps in object storage, improvements to the persisted content system, and more.

Everything is ready for you; get started today!

* MapView available on Fenix 5X, Fenix 5 Plus family, Edge 520 Plus, Edge 820 family, and the Edge 1030 family
** Available on music capable Connect IQ devices.


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