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Connect IQ 2.4.2 Now Available!

01/12/18 @ 03:54 PM

Connect IQ 2.4.2 is here, with support for the Forerunner® 645 and Forerunner 645M. The Forerunner 645 is the most advanced running watch Garmin has made, featuring advanced running dynamics, Garmin Pay™, and an attractive slim form factor. The Forerunner 645M is our first wearable that lets you download music to the watch, and connects with Bluetooth® headphones (sold separately) for phone-free listening. Leave the phone at home!

In addition to letting you listen to your own music, the Forerunner 645M introduces the fifth Connect IQ app type: the audio content provider. Audio content providers act as plug-ins to the media player, and are allowed to download content to the device over Wi-Fi, serve content to the media playback system, as well as present user interface controls on the wearable for configuration and control. This represents a giant leap for Connect IQ .

Our music SDK is still under development, and is not included with Connect IQ 2.4.2. If you are interested in creating a Connect IQ media apps, please contact the Connect IQ developer program and let us know, or register for the Connect IQ Summit in April.

Get the Connect IQ 2.4.2 SDK today!

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