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Connect IQ 2.1.3 Now Available!

08/31/16 @ 02:33 PM

A new Connect IQ SDK is now available! This update adds support for the fēnix Chronos, a premium version of the popular multisport watch.

The Chronos is the most beautiful watch Garmin has ever created, but one developer has observed some changes have been made on the inside as well.

Amazing performance of the new Garmin Fenix Chronos.. Four times higher score than Fenix3 in #connectiq TreeBenchmark application. #garmin #chronos #fenixchronos #fenix3 #fenix3hr #garminfenix3

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This device joins the family of Biker Monkey compatible device, and offers developers more memory and a faster processor. The device has the same screen shape and buttons of the Fenix 3, and you should safely be able to compile Fenix 3 apps for the Chronos. One thing to keep in mind is that Chronos has 64 colors (RGB222), so your bitmaps will use more memory than on the Fenix 3 by default. Make sure to use the resource compiler image options to manage your image memory.

-Alpha Monkey

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