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Connect IQ 2: The Biker Has Arrived

08/08/16 @ 09:45 PM

Biker Monkey

We are go for launch! Today we are releasing the new Connect IQ 2.1 (Biker Monkey) SDK that allows developers to upload apps to the Connect IQ store. This SDK allows you create apps for all Connect IQ compatible devices. Device firmware is rolling out to add functionality to most of our Connect IQ devices. This is by far the biggest Connect IQ release we have ever done, and we’re excited to see what you create with it!

New SDK Features

We’ve had a number of posts about all the new feature’s we’ve added in this release. To be clear: you can use the new SDK to build for all Connect IQ products. The newer products gets the new Biker Monkey (2.1) VM and features, but we have have released an updated version of Aikido Monkey (1.3) for most of the older products.

CIQ Aikido 1.2CIQ Aikido 1.3CIQ Biker 2.1
D2 BravoForerunner 230Edge 520
D2 Bravo TitaniumForerunner 235Edge 820
Oregon 7 SeriesForerunner 630Edge 820 Explore
Rino 7 SeriesForerunner 920xtEdge 1000
EPIXFenix 3Edge 1000 Explore
Fenix 3 HRForerunner 735xt
Quatix 3Vivoactive HR
tactix Bravo

As you can see from the table below we’ve ported a majority of the Biker Monkey APIs back to Aikido monkey, and most of the APIs we didn’t port aren’t relevant to the Aikido Monkey products:

FeatureAikido (1.3)Biker (2.1)
Char and StringUtilXX
Connect IQ FontsXX
Data Field onTimer EventsXX
Fit ContributionsXX
Goal AnimationsXX
New Array APIsXX
New Math APIsXX
Run No EvilXX
Active Minutes X
Activity.Info Di2 Information X
Activity.Info timerState X
Floors Climbed X
Selectable and Button UI X
SensorHistory X

We’ve also added a new “Minimum API” selector to the Connect IQ plug in. This selector works with the package tool to only build for the products and SKUs that have the given level of Connect IQ support.

App Store

Also going live today is the updated Connect IQ store! The store team is rolling out a number of improvements today that make the store easier to navigate and search.

The most noticeable difference in the app store for developers will be the new app details page. In addition to a cleaner look and focus on relevant details, we’ve added a “What’s New?” section that allows you to highlight what’s been added to your latest release.

Product Page

We’ve added Twitter Card and Facebook OpenGraph meta information to the app details page as well to make it easier to promote your creations on social media.

The search and browsing experiences have been improved and unified to make it easier to find apps. We think that these improvements will make it easier for users to find your apps, try them, and love them.

App Browsing

One more thing - the app store now supports developer replies to reviews.

Developer Reply

This will allow better communication between developers and their audience.

Get it Now!

With this release you can now bring data to Connect, talk to authenticated web services, create custom goal animations, and better promote your apps on social media. What are you waiting for? Get the SDK right now!

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