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Connect IQ 2: Connect IQ 2.2.0 Beta Now Available!

10/06/16 @ 11:00 AM

Today the Connect IQ team is proud to announce the next update to Connect IQ 2. This update is for Edge and Oregon products, and adds exciting features to the Connect IQ platform.

Best Intentions

Connect IQ 2.2 allows for apps to download content like routes, courses, waypoints, and workouts, to your Edge or Oregon device. Once the content has been downloaded, you can use the new Intent system to exit from your app directly into the native workout experience. Check out the new Toybox module PersistedContent and Intent class in System.

More ANT

Since the beginning Connect IQ provided access to ANT via the generic ANT channels, but it has been difficult to access the sensors paired with the device. Connect IQ 2.2 introduces the new AntPlus module that gives deeper access to the paired ANT sensors. This version adds the BikePower and LightNetwork classes that let you talk to power meters and bike lights paired to your Edge device.

Connect IQ now support ANT burst mode as well! This opens up more potential support for ANT+ profiles via Connect IQ. It will be available for the device apps only; not data fields or widgets. Check out the GenericChannelBurst sample for details.

Try it today!

We are excited to see what you will create with Connect IQ 2.2. You can get the beta SDK today, as well as beta firmware for the the Edge 1000. Try it today!

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