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Connect IQ 2: Biker Monkey

06/15/16 @ 10:35 AM

Biker Monkey

The Connect IQ team is thrilled to present a preview of our next generation SDK: BIKER MONKEY. This is the biggest Connect IQ update we have done since launching in 2015.

What’s New?

We have added some amazing new features into the Connect IQ platform:

    EDGE Widget and App Support -  Now you can expand your widgets and apps from wearables onto the EDGE! Within the widget and device app types, you’ll be able to make web requests, handle input, and more! We’ve also added a new Touchable interface that makes it easy to port your app between touch and button products.
    FIT Recording -  Do you want your metrics to be displayed in Garmin Connect? Now they can! We are giving developers the ability to create FIT 2.0 developer fields. Define fields in your Data Field or App to add values to Record, Lap, and Session messages.
    New Web APIs - Now your apps can communicate with authenticated web services! We’ve enabled a new system for making OAUTH requests. Your users can enter their credentials via Connect Mobile, and your app can receive the tokens, enabling access to authenticated web APIs!

We’ve also added a new unit testing framework, more data access, new features for data fields, and much more.

Aikido vs. Biker

Connect IQ’s naming convention is Activity Monkey, where Activity is some kind of physical activity. The activity will be in alphabetical order, so our version 1 has an A activity, version 2 will have a B activity, etc.

Each each major release gets two years of support. Connect IQ Aikido Monkey launched back in 2015, and since then has spread from 4 to 17 devices. Connect IQ Biker Monkey has higher requirements than Aikido Monkey, and won’t run on every Connect IQ compatible device. Here is a handy chart of which devices support which version, as well as how much memory they have in each app type:

Aikido vs Biker

You may be looking at this chart and thinking “hey wait - does that mean my product won’t get new features?” Fear not! We are releasing an update to Aikido (1.3) that adds the best new features, including FIT recording and the new web APIs. You can use the same beta SDK to build your apps for Aikido product and Biker products.

Here’s the bad news: Aikido launched in January of 2015, meaning it is six months away from the end of support. Some of the features we want to add - and believe me we have a lot we want to add - requires more than what we have available on the Aikido products. As we add new features to Biker, you will have to decide if you want to take advantage of those features, or ignore them so your app can still run on all Connect IQ products.

To summarize: We are updating all Connect IQ products with new features, and you can always use the latest SDK to build your apps for all Connect IQ products. We are near the end of support for Connect IQ Aikido, and at the beginning of support for Biker.

Where Do I Start?

Get our new Connect IQ Biker Monkey SDK here! Make sure to download the latest version (2.1.0) of the Eclipse plug in. Use Check For Updates in Eclipse to update your plug in, or see the Getting Started section if you have never installed the plug in before. The new plug in is backwards compatible with Connect IQ 1.2.9.

Over the coming days we will be making available device betas that will allow you to try the new features on hardware. Follow the developer blog for device beta announcements, as well as technical articles about how to take advantage of the new features of the SDK. Please report issues you find on our developer forums. Note that the Biker beta will not allow generation of IQ files for the app store. We are planning to open up the app store to accept Biker apps in early August.

Happy Coding!

UPDATE! We now have betas for the following devices:

    EDGE 1000 - NEW!
    EDGE 520 - NEW!
    Vivoactive - NEW!
    Fenix 3/Tactix Bravo/Quatix 3 - NEW!
    Vivoactive HR
    Forerunner 230
    Forerunner 235
    Forerunner 630
    Forerunner 735xt

Follow the instructions on the download page. You can use the new features with Garmin Connect Mobile for Android. Support for Garmin Connect Mobile for iOS and Garmin Connect is coming in July.

- Alpha Monkey

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