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Connect IQ 1.2 and Three New Devices

11/05/15 @ 05:44 AM

Today is a big day where a lot of key components come together for the next wave of Connect IQ features.

First, Connect IQ 1.2 is now in production so your amazing apps that leverage the new features in Connect IQ 1.2 can now be downloaded to a device. We have 3 new Connect IQ watches with the new Forerunner family of watches. We also have a brand new redesigned Garmin Connect Mobile application.

Let’s start with Connect IQ 1.2…

At a high level, with this latest release of Connect IQ, we’ve added:

  • Connectivity enhancements, including additional HTTP modes and headers
  • New app capabilities including configurations
  • New APIs including access to the accelerometer and a new generic picker
  • New ANT features, including access to multiple channels
  • Additions to the UI toolkit make apps easier to create

For more information on the latest features in Connect IQ 1.2 check out this blog post.

Forerunner 230 Forerunner 235 Forerunner 630

We also are excited for the new Forerunner family of watches that just launched with Connect IQ. The Forerunner 230, 235 and 630 will be a huge hit in the running world and we are excited to see what amazing apps this developer community will create for these new watches.

The Forerunner 230, 235 and 630 are our updates to the hugely successful Forerunner 220, 225 and 630 GPS running watches. For more information about these watches visit this overview site.

Garmin Connect Mobile

We also just launched an overhaul to the Garmin Connect Mobile app on both the iOS and Android platforms. With this update, the app now has a modern and colorful design, with a new graphical interface that can be tailored to the user based on individual interests. Whether users are training for a marathon, trying to fit in more steps throughout the day or working to improve their golf game, Garmin Connect Mobile will show the most important and relevant data to meet their needs.

We are very excited about each of the components and the role they play with growing and extending the Garmin ecosystem while providing more value to active lifestyles around the world.

All you need to do to get started leveraging the new Connect IQ 1.2 features and building apps for these amazing new devices is to download the latest SDK and hit the ground running.

Thank you for all your amazing innovation! We hope you can see our continued dedication to building the best platform for you.

o/\o The Connect IQ Team

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