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Big Changes in Store for the Connect IQ Store

12/06/17 @ 09:00 AM

Since its launch in 2015, the Connect IQ store has grown from ten apps to thousands, and has users around the world downloading content. We know that the store is an important place for featuring your brand, and we are excited to give you a preview of what will be coming next year.

Improved Discoverability Native Mobile Experience Localized Hero Images

The front page of the app store has been reworked to improve discoverability for your apps. New categories will highlight apps, and real estate at the top of the page will feature apps for every device.

The app store is being upgraded from a web view to a native experience. Navigating the store will be smoother than before, and your content will look better than ever.

The app store will let you have hero images for your apps. These hero images can be tailored for each locale, allowing you to get your message out in every language. If you choose not to create hero images, the app store will use a default treatment for your app icons.

The app store will be accepting hero images with app descriptions in the near future. Along with these changes, we are publishing new guidelines for creating icons and hero images for your apps. These guidelines are to help you create great looking apps for the store. The store will be launching in Q1 of 2018, so now is the time to get your assets ready for launch.

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