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Apps and widgets now available!

03/06/15 @ 04:22 PM

It has been almost six months since we announced Connect IQ, and we are excited about what this platform and the Connect IQ community has become. 

Today we’re launching the next major piece: widgets and apps in the Connect IQ Store

You will see a few apps by Garmin there, but the power of Connect IQ comes from what you create.

What’s even more exciting is that our watches are starting to hit the shelves.  As they get into more users’ hands, the first thing they’ll want to do is personalize it with Connect IQ apps.  Upload yours today so these new Garmin Connect IQ users see your apps first.

Publish Your App

To upload your app, follow the upload link below. Once approved (3 days or less), your app will be available on the Connect IQ store. 

Submit an App


One key capability for apps and widgets is connectivity, which enables the watches to talk to companion apps, web services and ANT devices.  Learn More

New SDK Release

In addition to connectivity there are lots of updates to the Connect IQ SDK. Get the Latest Version  

We are excited to see what you make! Remember the best way to get help is to go to the forum with any questions that you have.

Thank you!
o/\o The Connect IQ Team

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