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App Migration

06/19/15 @ 04:16 PM

Our goal with Connect IQ™ is to make it easy for developers to target multiple Garmin devices, and at the same time give developers the choice of not supporting a product they don’t want to. The goal is to give us the flexibility to create purpose driven products, where we may make changes for the use case, while not requiring our developers to adapt to every one of these changes. There are a number of challenges with this system. For example, what if we create a product like the D2™ Bravo, which from the Connect IQ perspective is exactly the same as the fēnix® 3? We can’t tell developers about the product before launch, but developers will have to manually rebuild and re-upload their apps to the app store to add support for it. Assuming it takes 10 minutes and a 16 oz. soda to generate an app update, updating all the fēnix® 3 apps would require two and a half days and 66240 calories to move all the apps to D2™ Bravo. That would require a lot of steps to burn off.

Because we care about your time and girth, we are planning to do an auto-migration of apps. The plan is to migrate apps within compatible product families. For example, if your app supports only fēnix® 3, we will add support for D2™ Bravo but not add support for products like vívoactive™, Forerunner® 920XT, or epix™. In the future this will be a standard feature of the app store, where your app will be available for a new product on day one as long as the product is 100% compatible with a product your app already supports. For products that are not 100% compatible, we will only auto-migrate app types when we can guarantee they are compatible with a new device.

If we’ve identified your app as a candidate for auto-migration, you will be receiving an email from us soon. The auto-migration will create a new revision of your app in the app store next week. We will not be auto-migrating any app that has been uploaded using the Connect IQ 1.1.2 SDK. If you do not want your app to be auto-migrated, respond to the email with the URLs of the apps in question. In the future we plan to add the ability to opt out of auto-migration through the app store.

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