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Announcing Connect IQ 1.2

09/29/15 @ 09:59 AM

One year ago, we opened up a world of possibility when we launched Connect IQ for Garmin devices. That was an exciting milestone for us and for you, our developers.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce another huge milestone: Connect IQ 1.2.


Growing strong!

1000 Apps

Millions of Downloads

With 1,000+ apps and millions of app downloads this year, we’re very excited about the traction we have seen in our developer community and users.  We continue to be amazed with the innovation from our community, and so we look to bring you the latest in wearable technology for purpose-built devices.

Here’s What’s Coming Next…

Today we are announcing the addition of some very powerful new features to Connect IQ.  These are available for developers today with the latest Connect IQ 1.2 SDK and if you have a Connect IQ enabled device the beta firmware will be available at the following links.

Fenix 3
Forerunner 920

The public launch of these features will be ready later in October. 

We Listened

We have been listening to you, the developer community, and are amazed at the insight and innovation you have brought to this program.  These new features are a testament to our partnership with you and how we are doing our best to bring you the features you need to bring your solution to life.

At a high level, with this latest release of Connect IQ, we’ve added:

  • Connectivity enhancements, including additional HTTP modes and headers
  • New app capabilities, including configurations and alarms
  • New APIs including access to the accelerometer and a new generic picker
  • New ANT features, including access to multiple channels
  • Additions to the UI toolkit make apps easier to create

Lets dig into these updates a little deeper.

Connectivity Enhancements

We know that the ability to communicate between these watches and a smart phone is critical for our developer community, so we have been working on some powerful new enhancements. 

First, we have added HTTP modes and headers giving you more robust tools for web APIs.  We have also added Image Requests, which can give you the ability to send and display images on the wearables.  With image requests, you can do things like deliver a radar image with the forecast.  Additionally, we have made great improvements to the reliability of the BLE connection to the smart phone. 


A big request from the beginning has been to enable the developer to give users options within their apps.  Like changing colors of watch faces, adjusting preferences or adding specific text.  With Connect IQ 1.2, we’ve added the ability to create settings for your app.  These configurations will work on each of the app types.  Users can simply adjust their settings using Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile. 


ANT is one of the most powerful and differentiating features of these Connect IQ devices, and we wanted to add some key advancements to this feature set.  First, we added the ability to leverage multiple channels on the device within an app.  Any of the channels that aren’t being used by ANT+ devices are yours to leverage however you want with the generic ANT connectivity.  We have also added ANT Key Configuration for those of you with private networks you have wanted to tie into with these devices.  But that’s not all — we’ve made great improvements to ANT communication performance, in hopes of giving users the best experience possible.

Watch APIs

These watches are loaded with powerful sensors and capabilities, which have been a key driver in the success of this program.  We wanted to cut even deeper into this power and bring you more watch APIs for you to craft into new innovative solutions.  In Connect IQ 1.2 we opened up more access to the accelerometers on these devices, and are giving you even more access to performance metrics.

Finally, we have opened up an alarm feature, giving you the ability to set an alarm for the future that will alert the user to come back into your app.  Imagine setting your parking meter time and location, then getting an alert when you need to walk back to get your car or pay for more parking. 

API Enhancements

The wearable app space is still in its infancy and continuing to take shape.  As we learn and grow, we will continue to bring you tools to make developing apps for the Connect IQ platform as easy as possible.  So with Connect IQ 1.2 we have added some API enhancements to do just that.  First, we now have a generic picker for you.  This makes it much easier to handle input on the devices.  We have also added a weak reference capability for those circular reference issues we all face. 

The documentation for Connect IQ updates will be available in the programmer’s guide on the developer site.

Phew! That is a lot to take in, but we hope you are as excited as we are about these new tools. 

Timeline Reminder

Today these beta features and firmware updates are available for developers.  Later in October, we will enable these features on our devices for everybody else. 

While these new features are in Beta, make sure to leverage the forum for any questions or feedback you have.

The launch of Connect IQ 1.2 is just the beginning of the announcements we have today.  In addition, we are also adding compatibility with Edge devices!  This is one of your most requested updates to Connect IQ — and now the wait is over. Find out more about Connect IQ on the Edge on this post.

This is an exciting day! We can’t wait to see what new ideas you’ll create with these new tools in your hands. 

o/\o The Connect IQ Team

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