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Access Health and Activity Data from Garmin Connect

The Garmin Health API enables you to leverage valuable health and activity information to create compelling applications in the markets of Corporate Wellness, Population Health, and Patient Monitoring. After user consent, you can access the all-day health and fitness activity data logged by Garmin wearable and fitness devices.

With access to a complete Health API reference implementation and easy-to-use developer tools, it’s easier than ever to make Garmin devices part of your platform.

Analyze the Data

The Garmin Health API delivers both the all-day health metrics and the details of fitness activities, making it the one API integration you need to analyze all the data from your users. Access everything from detailed sleep level classifications to data from external sensors used during a workout.

Heart RateHeart Rate
Body CompositionBody Composition
Pulse OxPulse Ox
Intensity MinutesIntensity Minutes
Activity DetailsActivity Details
Body BatteryBody Battery
Menstrual Cycle TrackingMenstrual Cycle Tracking

Garmin Health API Features

  • REST architecture: Fast and easy integration
  • Scalable data analysis: Full spectrum of metrics from all-day steps to second-level HR during activities
  • Ping/Pull or Push Architecture: Choose the integration option that best matches your needs
  • Customized Data Feeds: Only subscribe to the data you need
  • Multi-Project Support: Create and configure your apps independently from each other
  • Developer Web Tools: Easy on-boarding, sample data, backfill user data, and auto-verification of your integration before production
  • Full Activity Details Access: Support of more than 30 activity types (e.g. running, cycling, swimming, paddle boarding, kite surfing, snowboarding and lots more) plus all the sensor data logged during the activity. Activity data files (.FIT, .GPX, .TCX formats) available on request for complete activity details.

What's Included?

  • Health REST API documentation
  • Sample integration code
  • Convenient development against the production environment with throttled access
  • Access to official Garmin Connect logo and branding requirements
  • Direct access to the Garmin Health API Support team


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