Garmin Connect API

Access user activity files from Garmin Connect

With end-user consent, the Garmin Connect API provides authorized third-party developers access to activity files* created by Garmin fitness devices for integration into third-party developed applications.

With these activity files, developers gain access to tremendous second-by-second data for the duration of the users’ recorded activities (activity type, device type, GPS route, speed, pace, heart rate, cadence, distance, intensity, cadence, power, steps, duration, etc.). We currently support over 30 activity types.

The activity duration and data is defined by specific “start” and “end” times for which the user timed their activity with their Garmin device. For example, a Garmin customer using his watch to complete a morning run with a duration of 27 minutes and 36 seconds, the activity file created for that event will contain data for the duration of the run only.

It is very important to note, the Garmin Connect API does not provide all day summary data such as: all day step data, all day heart rate data, or sleep data. For access to all day data and sleep data, please have a look at our Health API.

The possibilities are endless when you combine the Garmin Connect API and third-party developer innovation.

*Activity files are saved (and delivered to developers) in .FIT file format for activities recorded with modern Garmin fitness devices. Activity files recorded with older Garmin fitness devices are saved in .GPX or .TCX file format.

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