Garmin Connect API


What type of data does the Garmin Connect API provide?

We provide the data file (FIT, TCX or GPX, depending on device) that was uploaded to Garmin Connect from supported devices, including heart rate, speed, cadence, pace, and power. This does not include summary activity data such as steps or sleep.

Can I obtain data directly from the device?

We do not currently support direct-from-device data transfer. The Connect API requires that end-users first upload the their data to the Garmin Connect site. Then, it’s provided to the authorized end-user.

What’s the difference between the Health API and the Connect API?

The difference is in the data it provides.

The Connect API is a website/mobile solution for use all devices that sync to the Garmin Connect site. This API provides a robust FIT file that can be used in a myriad of ways but does not support step/sleep/all day monitoring data. This API has a one-time $5,000 licensing fee. There are no data transaction limits or per-call fee costs.

The Health API is primarily used as a corporate, research/clinical solution and provides only summary data (including steps/sleep/all day monitoring), and has no licensing fee.

What OAUTH format does the Connect API use?

The Connect API uses OAUTH 1.0. There are currently no roadmap plans to update to 2.0.

The website references the PUSH data transfer method. Is there a way for me to PULL data?

No, the Connect API supports the PUSH data transfer method only.

What is the integration process and how long does it take?

We will respond to your request for the API within 48 hours to confirm the status of your application. If approved, we will provide an NDA and ask a few questions to confirm the details of your product. Once received, it can take up to 5 business days to provide entrance documentation and credentials.

I see there is a one-time $5,000 licensing fee. Do you have a complimentary version for smaller consumption for non-profits, personal, academic or hobbyist use only?

No, we do not have a specialized-use API at this time. Any future alternative API opportunities will be communicated on this website.

Do I have to pay the licensing fee to test the API?

We offer a complimentary testing phase for developers admitted into the Connect API program. The one-time licensing is due when you are ready to proceed into the production environment.

I see the Connect IQ developer program allows for the creation of watch faces, data fields, widgets and applications. Do I need the Connect API to use this program?

No, the Connect API and Connect IQ programs are different programs. One does not require the use of the other. You can start building Connect IQ apps with our free SDK.