Connect IQ SDK

How To Publish

We’re glad you want to develop for Garmin devices, and we want you to be successful. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you develop your apps. These guidelines will help you speed through the approval process:

Once your apps are fully tested and ready to go, you can publish and promote your apps to the Garmin Connect IQ App Store. Here’s how to prepare your apps for submission.

  1. Make sure the manifest file specifies all products supported by the app
  2. Use the App Export Wizard to generate an IQ file, which will contain binaries for each supported device
  3. Upload the app to the App Store

Check Supported Products

It is easy to quickly check the products supported by an app by viewing the manifest XML file in the project root:

    <iq:product id="fenix3"/>
    <iq:product id="vivoactive"/>
    <iq:product id="fr920xt"/>
    <iq:product id="epix"/>

Alternatively, right-click the project in the Eclipse Project Explorer, and choose Properties. The Properties window provides an easy way to edit targeted platforms and permissions:

Exporting the App

Launch the Export Wizard in Eclipse by clicking the Connect IQ menu and selecting Export Wizard:

If needed, click Next to select supported languages, and then click Finish to generate an app package (a .iq file). If there are no errors your app is ready to publish!

Publishing the First Version

To upload the IQ file to your developer account, start by visiting the Submit an App page of the Garmin Developer site. Click on the Submit an App button to fill out the form shown below:

Once the IQ file has been validated, add in a description, screen shots, and other details about your app:

Approval Process

After your app is successfully uploaded to the app store, the Connect IQ team will review your submission. Aside from special circumstances, such as national holidays, reviews are completed within 72 hours.

If you indicate your app uses one or more ANT+ profiles, an additional 48 hours is typically required to complete ANT+ certification. Once certification is complete, we’ll provide ANT+ branding information and a link to the ANT+ Directory to add to your app’s description on the store.

ANT+ Certification is designed to standardize all ANT+ products and applications and foster a consumer-friendly ecosystem, and is required to apply ANT+ brands, logos or wordmarks to any product or application, including its associated collateral.

While approval is pending, your app will not appear on the Garmin Connect App Store, but you will be able to preview your app and download it yourself for testing. Once it’s approved, you will receive a notification and it will appear on the Connect IQ App Store for all users to download and load to their devices!

If for some reason your app is rejected, don’t despair! The Connect IQ team will provide specific reasons for the rejection via email, and may work with you to resolve issues. The app will continue to be available for you to update as needed and re-submit for approval, but it will not be displayed on the Connect IQ App Store until approved.