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A Connect IQ Halloween

11/02/16 @ 11:14 AM

My Buddy and Me

Hope you all had a happy Halloween. Here at CIQ HQ we had the annual department Halloween donuts/costume competition. One of the winning entries was the Face-It™ Machine, an anthropomorphized version of the Face-It app. The Face-It Machine came complete with pre-made watch faces of various team members.


From the Garmin Cochrane office came this adorable costume: a Portal Sentry Turret!

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Connect IQ 2: Connect IQ 2.2.0 Beta Now Available!

10/06/16 @ 11:00 AM

Today the Connect IQ team is proud to announce the next update to Connect IQ 2. This update is for Edge and Oregon products, and adds exciting features to the Connect IQ platform.

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Connect IQ 2: The Full Circle

08/02/16 @ 05:07 PM

One of the most exciting new features in Aikido/Biker Monkey is the ability to contribute workout information. Data Fields and device apps will now be allowed to record new information to the current activity and have that information displayed on Garmin Connect. This will open up the ability to record new metrics from ANT sensors, contribute new workouts, and support entirely new activities both on the device and in the cloud. We call this the “Full Circle Experience”: your app now can be downloaded to a device, record information, and be shared on Connect.

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ANT® Wireless Network Provides Unlimited Opportunities

07/29/16 @ 04:02 PM

The ANT® wireless network has capabilities far beyond the Connect API fitness applications. Here are a few device profiles for extended applications, but with your innovative ideas — and the power of our sensors — the possibilities are endless! Please visit our ANT Wireless Networks site for more details.

• Light electric vehicle
• Video camera control
• Temperature
• Audio hub to peripheral
• Position
• Music control
• Video hub to peripheral
• Phone control
• Keypad control
• Share stored files
• General controls

We are excited to see the great products you create as you continue to Build Something with Us!

Welcome to the developer blog!

01/05/15 @ 07:01 AM

We’re excited to announce that our developer blog is now up and running. Right here is where you’ll find insights into the products and technology behind each of our developer programs:

  • Connect IQ SDK — Develop watch faces, data fields, widgets and apps for our wearable devices.
  • Garmin Connect API — Access robust data for timed activities that are generated from Garmin devices for your website or application.
  • Wellness Program — Develop custom applications for health and fitness data generated through Garmin devices with our Health API.
  • Fleet Management — Manage your fleet with our fleet management interface, protocols, and APIs built into select devices.
  • Custom Maps — Design and build custom maps that can be easily loaded on our devices.
  • Custom POIs & Voices — Build secure POIs, travel guides and voices for a variety of our devices.
  • Open Source — See the archives for our Open Source software-based products.
  • VIRB Program — Control, configure and stream VIRB action cameras using the VIRB Network Services API.
  • ANT Wireless Networks — Wireless connections for sensors and devices for sports, fitness and more.

To keep tabs on the latest news and hints that will help turn you into a productive Garmin developer, subscribe to the blog via RSS today. And if you have any questions, you can always check out our forum or Stack Overflow, or you can contact us directly. It’s a great time get started as a Garmin developer!