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Connect IQ 2.2.3 Now Available!

01/04/17 @ 01:23 PM

Fenix 5

Connect IQ 2.2.3 is here! This version adds support for the new fēnix 5 family, the latest Connect IQ compatible multisport wearables announced at CES. The fēnix 5S is lighter, sleeker and smaller than previous models – perfect for small wrists without sacrificing multisport functionality. The fēnix 5X boasts preloaded wrist-based mapping; and the compact fēnix 5, like other fēnix watches, is feature-packed and ready to take on any adventure with an all-new industrial design. All of the fēnix 5 models are 24/7 wearable with extended battery life, daily activity tracking, Garmin Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology, and a host of connected features. And users can easily switch between stylish leather and metal accessory bands to sporty silicone in seconds and without tools, thanks to the new QuickFit™ bands.

You can see the new capabilities of the devices in the table below:

Device Resolution (px) Icon Resolution Colors Available Button Functions Screen Type Touch Screen
fēnix™ 5S 218 x 218 40 x 40 64 up, down, enter, back, menu round No
fēnix™ 5, fēnix™ 5X 240 x 240 40 x 40 64 up, down, enter, back, menu round No

Note - we will not be auto-migrating apps to the Fenix 5 family. Get the SDK today to develop for the Fenix 5!


Also exciting is the new UBER ETA app by Garmin. Uber ETA lets you check your driver’s pickup ETA, driver details, and the ETA to your destination on Garmin wearables that the same way you check the time: with a flick of the wrist.
UBER ETA by Garmin

The first time you run the application, you will need to log into your Uber account through the Garmin Connect Mobile application. Once you’ve completed the login, any time you request an Uber, the ETA app will show you the time until your ride arrives, guide you to your pickup location, and keep you updated on your ETA during your ride.

UBER ETA by Garmin is available today on the Connect IQ store.

Connect IQ 2.2.2 Now Available!

12/21/16 @ 02:48 PM


Connect IQ 2.2.2 is here! This release adds a new feature we are very excited about: remote app launch. Users of the Mobile SDK can now request their Connect IQ app be launched from an Android or iOS app. If the device is able to handle the request (has the app, isn’t currently running an activity or app), the user will be presented with a notification asking if they want to launch the app in question.

Remote launch

This SDK addresses a number of reported issues in the Mac and PC SDK. There are corresponding updates to the Android and iOS mobile SDKs as well. Download the SDK today!

Connect IQ Summit : Apply Today

12/15/16 @ 12:59 PM


We are now taking applications for the first ever Connect IQ summit! Held at Garmin HQ on April 18 - 20th, 2017, this summit will feature workshops by the Connect IQ team, talks from Garmin and industry leaders, and one of a kind networking events. Participants also get a free Connect IQ device!

Space is limited, so apply today. Hope to see you there!

Connect IQ 2.2.1 Now Available!

11/08/16 @ 11:10 AM

Looking for a break from non-stop election news? Connect IQ is here for you!

Connect IQ 2.2

Connect IQ 2.2.1 is now available. This update is targeted for Connect IQ compatible Edge®, Rino®, and Oregon® devices.  Devices now get support for Connect IQ Intents, PersistedContent, and the new AntPlus. The big news for the Oregon and Rino is that they now support Connect IQ 2.x including widgets and apps! Get the SDK today and get started!

Wearable Programming for the Active Lifestyle

The Connect IQ book, Wearable Programming for the Active Lifestyle, is now available… for free! This e-book covers topics like wearable programming, web services, ANT, activity recording, and the wearable future. And did we mention that it’s free? Get the book today!

A Connect IQ Halloween

11/02/16 @ 11:14 AM

My Buddy and Me

Hope you all had a happy Halloween. Here at CIQ HQ we had the annual department Halloween donuts/costume competition. One of the winning entries was the Face-It™ Machine, an anthropomorphized version of the Face-It app. The Face-It Machine came complete with pre-made watch faces of various team members.


From the Garmin Cochrane office came this adorable costume: a Portal Sentry Turret!

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Connect IQ 2: Intents and Persisted Content

11/01/16 @ 10:34 AM

Connect IQ 2.2 adds Intent objects, which allow a Connect IQ app to launch another app or a native activity from a running app. It also opens up access to the device’s native content like the user’s waypoints and courses, as well as adds the ability to download native content from the cloud to a device. This allows developers to create Connect IQ apps that curate content, and launch into the native activity. This post provides an overview of these new features and how to use them.

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Connect IQ 2.1.5 Now Available!

10/18/16 @ 03:44 PM


Connect IQ 2.1.5 is here! This point release updates the minimum firmware version for a number of devices.  Get the SDK today!

Connect IQ Developer Summit

10/10/16 @ 06:49 PM

We are excited to announce the first ever Connect IQ developer summit! Join the growing Connect IQ developer community with the first Connect IQ Developer Summit at Garmin Headquarters in Olathe, Kan. Sign up now to stay informed of the latest news and be ready for this exciting event.

Connect IQ 2: Connect IQ 2.2.0 Beta Now Available!

10/06/16 @ 11:00 AM

Today the Connect IQ team is proud to announce the next update to Connect IQ 2. This update is for Edge and Oregon products, and adds exciting features to the Connect IQ platform.

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Connect IQ 2.1.4 Now Available!

09/27/16 @ 01:12 PM

Connect IQ 2.1.4 is here! This point release fixes some issues with the toolchain and updates the minimum firmware version for a number of devices.  Get the SDK today!

New Connect API PUSH Simulator

09/02/16 @ 01:40 PM

Developers have long requested an easier way to process data in the Connect API testing environment and we listened!  We are pleased to announce the addition of a PUSH API simulator to the Connect API developer program.  The simulator emulates the behavior of API data transfer when an end-user uploads an activity Garmin Connect.  This tool mimics both correct and incorrect calls to ensure your process was employed correctly and to help diagnose any implementation issues.  If you are a current developer, we hope you are enjoying this new tool.  Not yet a developer but are interested in becoming one?  Please contact us at to discuss the program.

Connect IQ 2.1.3 Now Available!

08/31/16 @ 02:33 PM

A new Connect IQ SDK is now available! This update adds support for the fēnix Chronos, a premium version of the popular multisport watch.

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Connect IQ Pro Tip: Using the Bitmap Palette Options

08/15/16 @ 08:33 AM


In our world of HTML, megapixels, and gigabytes it can be easy to forget the resource usage of bitmap images. Connect IQ's constrained embedded environment requires developers to consider the cost of bitmaps when making pages. Thankfully, the Connect IQ SDK provides a number of tools to control your image costs while make a great looking app.

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Connect IQ 2: The Biker Has Arrived

08/08/16 @ 09:45 PM

Biker Monkey

We are go for launch! Today we are releasing the new Connect IQ 2.1 (Biker Monkey) SDK that allows developers to upload apps to the Connect IQ store. This SDK allows you create apps for all Connect IQ compatible devices. Device firmware is rolling out to add functionality to most of our Connect IQ devices. This is by far the biggest Connect IQ release we have ever done, and we’re excited to see what you create with it!

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Connect IQ 2: New Toys in the Toybox

08/08/16 @ 01:14 PM


We have covered a number of the new additions for Biker Monkey, including the new security system, widgets and apps on the Edge, the new test framework, how to show data to Garmin Connect, and support for OAUTH authentication. Even with all that, there are still some features we haven’t discussed yet.

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Connect IQ 2: Authentication

08/04/16 @ 04:51 PM

throws StringNotTautException

Today there are countless web services available to developers, but up until now most have been inaccessible to Connect IQ developers. The reason is that these services use either OAUTH 1 or 2 to provide access control, and this functionality did not exist in Connect IQ. Biker Monkey adds new OAUTH APIs into the Communications module that allow widgets and device apps to make authenticated calls. We’ve also added this feature into Aikido monkey, so you can use this in your 1.x apps as well.

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Connect IQ 2: The Full Circle

08/02/16 @ 05:07 PM

One of the most exciting new features in Aikido/Biker Monkey is the ability to contribute workout information. Data Fields and device apps will now be allowed to record new information to the current activity and have that information displayed on Garmin Connect. This will open up the ability to record new metrics from ANT sensors, contribute new workouts, and support entirely new activities both on the device and in the cloud. We call this the “Full Circle Experience”: your app now can be downloaded to a device, record information, and be shared on Connect.

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ANT® Wireless Network Provides Unlimited Opportunities

07/29/16 @ 04:02 PM

The ANT® wireless network has capabilities far beyond the Connect API fitness applications. Here are a few device profiles for extended applications, but with your innovative ideas — and the power of our sensors — the possibilities are endless! Please visit our ANT Wireless Networks site for more details.

• Light electric vehicle
• Video camera control
• Temperature
• Audio hub to peripheral
• Position
• Music control
• Video hub to peripheral
• Phone control
• Keypad control
• Share stored files
• General controls

We are excited to see the great products you create as you continue to Build Something with Us!

Connect IQ 2: Run No Evil

07/26/16 @ 08:21 AM

Magic Monkey!
For more advanced testing and debugging capabilities, the Connect IQ 2.1 SDK adds Run No Evil, an automated unit testing framework found in the Test module. Run No Evil operates only within the Connect IQ simulator and provides the ability to add asserts and unit test methods to your app. These tools allow you, the developer, to create higher quality apps by letting us do the testing work for you!

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Connect IQ 2: Widgets and Apps on Edge®

07/14/16 @ 06:47 PM

Cycling Monkey
The Edge platform is introducing application and widget support as part of the Connect IQ 2.1 launch! A whole suite of features previously found only on watches, such as Communications, Input Handling, Menus, and Progress Bars, will now be available to Edge devices. These features enable developers to create all-new and exciting content focused on our cycling user’s lifestyles.

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Connect IQ 1.2.11 Now Available!

07/13/16 @ 02:50 PM

EDGE 820
Connect IQ 1.2.11 is now available! In this release we’ve added support for the new Edge® 820 and Edge® Explore 820. Featuring advanced navigation, powerful performance measurements and all new group live tracking, our 2 newest cycling computers also have Connect IQ compatibility. Now is the time to start working on data fields that could be used by thousands of serious cyclists around the world.

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Tell a better story with G-Metrix™ data

07/08/16 @ 04:05 PM

Garmin customers are many things; they are athletes, aviators, sailors, snowboarders, ATV enthusiasts, race car drivers and much more! These active end-users want to tell a better story combining high-definition video with G-Metrix™ data to record those activities.  Garmin has a developer program for that!  Please visit our VIRB® Network Services API site to learn more about this program and its endless possibilities. The team can provide any technical assistance you require.

Sleep, All-day Heart Rate and Body Metrics Data

07/01/16 @ 04:28 PM

You have long requested access to the advanced data collected by some of the newest devices from Garmin — and we listened. Sleep intensity levels (awake, light and deep states) and automatically derived sleep windows enhance the data already available in the Wellness API. All-day heart rate provides information from devices that feature wrist-based heart rate and includes intensity minutes and floors climbed. Body metrics (weight, BMI, body fat/water percentage, bone mass and skeletal muscle mass) collected from the Garmin Index™ smart scale are also available from the Wellness API.

Connect IQ 2: Security

06/17/16 @ 01:08 PM

Connect IQ

At Garmin we are focused on the security of our devices and our services.  As Connect IQ grows and expands on the functionality and user identifiable information available on our devices we have overhauled our security model.  This new security model in Connect IQ 2 is built to give the developer and the user the tools to know that their device and their information is safe with Garmin.

Connect IQ 2 introduces new levels of trust for apps:

    Trusted - Content that has been approved by the app store. These apps have passed the Garmin review process and was downloaded from the Connect IQ store.
    Developer - Content that has been written by an individual developer, but has not been published by the Connect IQ store. This content can be used for testing, but is not an officially released app.
    Untrusted - Rabble. Should not be run on device.

These levels of trust are enforced using digital signatures. A new key management system has been worked into the app store, the device, and the developer SDK. The goal is to make sure that apps loaded from developers only come from two locations - the app store or a trusted developer.

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Connect IQ 2: Biker Monkey

06/15/16 @ 10:35 AM

Biker Monkey

The Connect IQ team is thrilled to present a preview of our next generation SDK: BIKER MONKEY. This is the biggest Connect IQ update we have done since launching in 2015.

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Garmin’s Corporate Wellness Solution

06/10/16 @ 04:29 PM

Healthcare cost pressures and engagement continue to fuel the growth of corporate wellness programs. More and more, companies are offering their employees cash incentives and, in some cases, a vívo family device combined with access to an engagement platform such as Shape Up to validate their activity and earn rewards. The ultimate goal is to help employees develop lifelong habits for healthy living.  The Garmin “one size doesn’t fit all” approach aligns well with many organizations that are looking to provide their employees a personalized solution.

The Garmin Wellness API provides all day monitoring data such as step count, calorie count, distance, sleep and much more.  To learn more about about incorporating this data into your corporate wellness program, please contact us at

Wellness API - Update to REST

06/03/16 @ 12:58 PM

Garmin is happy to announce our new Wellness REST API. We’ve been hard at work making our API easier to use, and we’re excited to share the details with you! 

The new REST API is not only easier to implement and maintain — we’ve also listened to your feedback and have incorporated many new improvements including simplified OAuth processes, data acknowledgement and ping notifications. 

To learn more about this new API, or inquire as to program entrance, please contact us at  We look forward to seeing your creative applications as you continue to Build Something with Us!

Connect IQ Mobile SDK: Connecting to a Device

05/25/16 @ 04:07 PM

The first step to writing a partner powered Connect IQ app is getting your partner app and Connect IQ app connected. The Partner SDK provides the tools for you to do this how you feel it best fits into the flow of the app. We’re going to take a look at a couple different approaches using the Disc Golf sample featured in this previous blog post.

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Forerunner 735 and Strava Suffer Score

05/10/16 @ 09:27 AM

Today we are announcing the next Connect IQ compatible running watch, the Forerunner 735XT.

The Forerunner 735XT, a GPS running watch with multisport features and wrist-based heart rate. The most lightweight multisport-capable running watch from Garmin, the Forerunner 735XT features 24/7 heart rate monitoring and built-in activities including running, cycling, swimming, multisport, hiking, XC skiing, strength training, paddle sports and cardio.  This is going to be a very successful watch that meets the demanding needs of long distance runners around the world. 

Today we are also excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with Strava to bring their premium Suffer Score feature to Garmin devices for the first time with Connect IQ.  Download it today: Strava Live Suffer Score

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Updated FIT SDK

04/12/16 @ 12:33 PM

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the FIT SDK 2.0!

This release includes many small upgrades to enhance performance and functionality, but the star of the show is the addition of customizable data fields. Developers have long requested the ability to add dedicated metrics to highlight their specialized programs — and we listened. The new data fields can be coded to your specifications and then easily shared with other FIT developers.

Moving forward, most devices will primarily support the creation of FIT 2.0 files, so if you intend to continue development using FIT files, then it is very important that you update. If you do not update, your program will not be able to correctly decode the new 2.0 files without breaking your application data flow.

This exciting update is currently scheduled to release in Q2 2016 but please feel free to visit the site to see if we release an early beta version - wink wink.  Please join the discussion at our FIT forums located at to address any questions or concerns you have.

We look forward assisting in your success as you continue to Build Something with Us!

EDGE Data Fields Available Today!

03/10/16 @ 10:12 AM


Connect IQ is now ready to be on the handle bars of over 500,000 EDGE devices around the world. This is the capability that our EDGE owners have been anxiously awaiting and the day has come. All they have to do is to update their firmware which is pretty automatic and they are set for your data fields. With this update the EDGE 1000, Explore 1000 and EDGE 520 will all be compatible with Connect IQ. To update your compatible Edge device so you can start using Connect IQ please use Garmin Express.

With EDGE data fields you will have all of the capabilities that you have on the wearables. All of the same sensor data, APIs and UI tools are available. But we do have some exciting news about data fields on the Edge. You can now use generic ANT within the data field! That means bringing in new sensor data into the data field experience. This is big news for a lot of our innovative partners around the world.

Specialized Turbo LEVO Data Field


We are excited to launch this new feature of our EDGE devices with Specialized Bikes as they launch their new Turbo LEVO e-mountain bike. The Specialized Turbo Levo features all the hallmarks the Specialized mountain bikes are known for while streamlining Turbo technology integration to give you the power to ride more trails. With the Specialized Turbo Levo Connect IQ Data Field you have the opportunity to extend and customize your display.

The Connect IQ Data Field displays all Turbo Levo specific information like bike state of charge, current assist mode or rider input power. Even better, it also allows you to control and switch the Eco/Trail/Turbo assist modes wirelessly right from your Garmin device.

This Specialized Turbo LEVO data field is a great example of the power that Connect IQ bring by connecting devices for a complete experience using the ANT technology.

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Garmin Corporate Wellness

02/19/16 @ 02:16 PM

Garmin has a unique role in the Corporate Wellness industry.

“The Garmin Health segment is on a mission to improve people’s health by providing world-class devices and a connected ecosystem,” says Allison Swelin, manager, Garmin Health sales and marketing. “Garmin vívofit® touts a year-long battery life and 5 ATM water resistance, which has been a game changer for increasing program adherence and driving long-term behavior change, when combined with one of our partner platforms. We’ve partnered with industry leaders like Shape Up, Cerner, KUMC, Blue Cross, Medidata and others to support a variety of use cases where vívo family devices can be used as a tool to support behavior change.”

Healthcare cost pressures and engagement continue to fuel the growth of corporate wellness programs. More and more, companies are offering their employees cash incentives and, in some cases, a vívo family device combined with access to an engagement platform such as Shape Up to validate their activity and earn rewards. The ultimate goal is to help employees develop lifelong habits for healthy living.  The Garmin “one size doesn’t fit all” approach aligns well with many organizations that are looking to provide their employees a personalized solution.

Announcing Garmin vívoactive HR

02/18/16 @ 04:44 PM

The Next Great Connect IQ Watch

vivoactive HR


Mystery “Tall Watch” Revealed

Back in January, we added the “Tall Watch” to the Connect IQ™ SDK, giving you the tools to develop for one of our most important device launches this year. Now it’s time to reveal the new vívoactive® HR — the ultra-thin fitness wearable evolved from our already successful vívoactive watch.


This new GPS smartwatch — with built-in sports apps for running, cycling, SUP, skiing/snowboarding, golfing, swimming and more — is your all-day, everyday partner in fitness. It combines Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology with smart notification features, activity tracking and wireless connectivity that enables automatic uploads to Garmin Connect™. Plus, with Connect IQ you can develop watch faces, apps and widgets for vívoactive HR users to easily customize the device.

Key Developer Features of the vivoactive HR watch

  • The new high bar for CIQ developers! The watch is twice as fast as Vivoactive, and has twice the available memory for app and data field developers!
  • This device is loaded with sensors, including WHRM, accelerometer, barometer, and compass.
  • CIQ + amazing battery life + WHRM = The best watch for fitness apps on the market

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Wellness API - New Device Support

02/07/16 @ 10:12 AM

We are pleased to announce the Wellness API has added the following to its ever growing list of supported devices:

- vivosmart HR
- forerunner 25
- forerunner 225
- forerunner 230
- forerunner 235
- forerunner 630

We will continue to add devices as they are released so stay tuned!

Connect IQ And The Wearable World

01/29/16 @ 08:56 AM

Simian Army
The Connect IQ Alpha Monkey gave a talk at 2015. In this talk he discusses the challenges in creating the Connect IQ platform.

How To Make A Connect IQ Watch Face

01/15/16 @ 07:50 AM

Developer Petr Koula (maker of the very popular ActiFace watch face) has made a great YouTube tutorial on how to create a watch face using Connect IQ!

Connect IQ at CES

01/13/16 @ 06:03 PM

Garmin at CES 2016

Here is a video taste of Connect IQ at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

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CES 2016 and Connect IQ 1.2.2

01/06/16 @ 10:51 AM

All of us here on the Connect IQ team are ecstatic for 2016. We're eager to share with you what we've been working on the last several months, so let's get right to it!

New Year, New SDK

Edge and Fenix 3 IQ Logo

Today we're launching version 1.2.2 of the Connect IQ SDK. This SDK has multiple key updates, including the following:

  • Edge data fields can now be uploaded to the store.
  • fēnix 3 HR and tactix Bravo devices are now supported in the Connect IQ SDK.
  • There's a new screen size called “Tall Watch” for you to explore. (Sounds fun, right?)

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Connect IQ 1.2 and Three New Devices

11/05/15 @ 05:44 AM

Today is a big day where a lot of key components come together for the next wave of Connect IQ features.

First, Connect IQ 1.2 is now in production so your amazing apps that leverage the new features in Connect IQ 1.2 can now be downloaded to a device. We have 3 new Connect IQ watches with the new Forerunner family of watches. We also have a brand new redesigned Garmin Connect Mobile application.

Let’s start with Connect IQ 1.2…

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Connect IQ now on the EDGE

09/29/15 @ 10:52 AM

When will Connect IQ be on the Edge???

This is the question we get the most from our developer community and passionate people who love Garmin devices.

We listened…

Edge and Connect IQ

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Announcing Connect IQ 1.2

09/29/15 @ 09:59 AM

One year ago, we opened up a world of possibility when we launched Connect IQ for Garmin devices. That was an exciting milestone for us and for you, our developers.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce another huge milestone: Connect IQ 1.2.


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The New Badge and Other Updates

08/22/15 @ 08:32 AM

New Badge

Just wanted to let you know about a couple updates we have recently added to the Connect IQ Store.

  1. New Badge - New apps will now have a New Badge for the first 14 days they are in the store.  We added this to give more visibility to the new apps in the store as a user browses around.  This badge will be shown on both the lists and detail page views. 
  2. Minimum SDK check - We are continuously working to provide new features and improvements to the developer tools available in the SDK.  To make sure uploaded apps have the latest and greatest version of the SDK we have added an SDK Version check to the process.  This will make sure that your app is able to take advantage of these improvements.

If you have questions on either of these please post them to the forum.

You know what else is amazing??  In June we announced that we reached the 1 Million downloads threshold, which was very exciting to us!  We continue to be amazed at the growth we are seeing in this platform because to get to 1 Million it took about 6 months but over July there were already 600,000 more downloads!  Amazing! 

This is a testament to the value and innovation that you our developer community is bringing to this platform. 

Thank you for all you do and we look forward to seeing what’s next!

The Connect IQ Team


Get set for MPC v11!

08/19/15 @ 11:12 AM

We are pleased to announce the release of Map Product Creator v11!  We’ve added many great features but here a few of the biggies:

• Added support for the InstaSearch feature.
• Added support for Address Search Greyout side files.
• Added support for Garmin Real Directions™. This includes support for Traffic Light, Traffic Sign, and Natural Guidance driving restrictions.
• Added support for building Unicode maps.

And if you still have lingering questions about MPC and what it’s about, check out the MPC program overview. Learn about what type of maps you can create, security features we have in place, and how you can request a free trial of MPC.

VIRB XE Opens Support for Wireless Interaction

08/05/15 @ 08:29 AM

Supporting the various unique and interesting requests of the action camera community is important to Garmin, and we are pleased to announce an API publication for wireless interaction with the VIRB X and VIRB XE action cameras!  The VIRB Network Services API allows developers to build a direct connection to one or more cameras into applications on all kinds of Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Having access to the camera allows an application to create seamless interactions with the camera and harness the streams of video, photo and data to meet all kinds of unique needs.

VIRB XE cameras are discoverable through the API, allowing an application to see and connect to multiple cameras simultaneously. Monitoring and configuring the status of the connected camera(s) is possible and also allows direct control of the camera(s). Setting a camera configuration, controlling multiple cameras at one time, and more are available. Real-Time monitoring of the video and audio streams in both preview and record modes is possible, along with full file browsing and transfer after the recording is finished or photos are captured.

Building a multi-camera viewer, automated transfer tool or scripts to control legions of cameras are all possible using this new API.  We can’t wait to see what you do with it - build something with us!

Connect IQ Store Updates - New Apps and Developer Metrics

07/15/15 @ 10:45 AM

Today, we are launching two new features in the Connect IQ app store that will directly benefit both our developers and Connect IQ users!

    New and Updated Apps: This new section will have the newest and latest apps on the store.  Users will be able to find these new and updated apps on both the Connect IQ Store home page and as a section on the device pages (ex. fenix 3). This should make it much easier for people to find the latest and greatest apps in the store!
    Developer Statistics: Developers will now be able to see downloads graphed across the past 10 days, weeks, and months. When logged into the store you should have it available next to your reviews.  This should provide you with a much better view into how your app is performing.

These new features in the store are just some of the ways we are always looking to improve the developer and users experience around Connect IQ.  We hope you like them.

o/\o The Connect IQ Team

Watch Faces a Favorite Among Our Users

07/09/15 @ 08:30 AM

We now have over 300 watches faces in the Connect IQ store and they have been downloaded over 550,000 times!! These watch faces have become a favorite among the Connect IQ devices owners as you can see on Instagram #ConnectIQ


Watch Face: ActiFace Blue

Far and above the favorite watch so far has been the ActiFace Blue from Koulik downloaded close to 50,000 times.

Connect IQ watch faces are always on and visible, that way these watches always look like watches on your wrist even in the bright sunlight. Other smart watches turn the face off when not in use leaving them looking like a lifeless devices strapped to your wrist. This is a big differentiator for our watches because even with them on all the time users still get the weeks of battery life they love and expect from Garmin devices.

Do you have an idea for a watch face?

Here are some great resources...

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06/26/15 @ 04:49 PM

1000000 Connect IQ Downloads

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

We are excited to announce that there have been over 1 million downloads of Connect IQ apps!! We cannot believe how fast we have gotten to this milestone and would not be here without you, our Connect IQ developer community. You are cranking out incredible apps for these Garmin devices, and our users love it, as you can see posts like these #ConnectIQ.

We’re just getting started with Connect IQ. As Connect IQ devices enable more and more active lifestyles, your apps will continue to give these users amazing ways to customize their devices to fit their specific lifestyles. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and congrats for your help in making the Connect IQ platform such a success. 

High five from Connect IQ Team!


App Migration

06/19/15 @ 04:16 PM

Our goal with Connect IQ™ is to make it easy for developers to target multiple Garmin devices, and at the same time give developers the choice of not supporting a product they don’t want to. The goal is to give us the flexibility to create purpose driven products, where we may make changes for the use case, while not requiring our developers to adapt to every one of these changes. There are a number of challenges with this system. For example, what if we create a product like the D2™ Bravo, which from the Connect IQ perspective is exactly the same as the fēnix® 3? We can’t tell developers about the product before launch, but developers will have to manually rebuild and re-upload their apps to the app store to add support for it. Assuming it takes 10 minutes and a 16 oz. soda to generate an app update, updating all the fēnix® 3 apps would require two and a half days and 66240 calories to move all the apps to D2™ Bravo. That would require a lot of steps to burn off.

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Looking Forward: Connect IQ Release Schedule

06/16/15 @ 04:28 PM

Here at Monkey C headquarters, we love to give our developers candy. Candy, candy, candy! We wish we could give everyone candy every day, but sadly it takes us time to make the candy. It also takes us time to make sure the candy doesn’t leave a bad taste. The best way to make sure the candy we give you is delicious is to be open about when we are sending the candy, and what you can expect. [Editors Note: Garmin is a health and wellness company and would like to say that the Connect IQ team provides “Refreshing, healthy, low calorie vegetable smoothies” to its developers, not candy as previously inferred.]

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Disc IQ: The Connect IQ Disc Golf App

05/12/15 @ 10:19 AM

Our team was interested in seeing how we could combine some APIs together to push the boundaries of the SDK. With the single instruction of “make a watch app that uses a companion app” from our fearless Alpha Monkey we decided to set out writing a disc golf sample.

The basic idea was to use an Android app to create a course on a phone, send it to the watch via the Connect IQ companion SDK, score the course on the watch and then send the completed scorecard back to the phone. This would provide us a great way to get a more comprehensive look at the SDK and, of course, document what we found useful along the way. Without further ado, here are some of the key findings we made.

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Writing a Wearable Web Service

04/09/15 @ 03:43 PM

The Connect IQ Communication API is the API that brings the wearable web to Garmin devices. However, there are some subtleties to how to expose a web service to a Garmin device.

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Apps and widgets now available!

03/06/15 @ 04:22 PM

It has been almost six months since we announced Connect IQ, and we are excited about what this platform and the Connect IQ community has become. 

Today we’re launching the next major piece: widgets and apps in the Connect IQ Store

You will see a few apps by Garmin there, but the power of Connect IQ comes from what you create.

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Garmin Integration Partner

02/24/15 @ 10:45 AM

Want to use our fitness and wellness devices — and user data — in your wellness program, but don’t have the resources to do the integration yourself? No problem. We partner with Validic to quickly and easily integrate our devices into wellness programs. More than 40 of our partners have had success with Validic’s industry leading digital health platform.

Validic’s sole focus is to help organizations manage a world of mobile health data with one easy connection. In fact, Validic was recognized by Frost and Sullivan as delivering best value in healthcare information interoperability. By delivering standardized, complete, secure, and actionable data, Validic helps its clients provide better insights into treatment plans and programs, monitor engagement behavior, incentivize improved outcomes, and better financial management of populations. Validic enables clients to focus on achieving their digital health strategic initiatives, not on doing integrations. For more information on Validic, please visit or contact our developer team at

One Size Does Not Fit All

01/30/15 @ 10:31 AM

The vívo family of products continue to be extremely well received, creating strong demand for our Wellness API. We are now working with more than 100 partners in varying markets from corporate, healthcare, and — believe it or not — the trucking industry!

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A Look Back at CES 2015

01/16/15 @ 04:43 PM

Now that the dust has settled a little bit since CES we wanted to share some of the exciting coverage we got around the new Connect IQ compatible products and the Connect IQ platform.

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These 7 Connect IQ Partners Will Inspire You

01/05/15 @ 02:23 PM

In conjunction with the launch of new products at CES, we’re super excited to partner with companies that each show valuable new use cases for our wearable devices. The apps from these partners take the Connect IQ platform to new and exciting places.

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Connect IQ SDK Has Reached 1.0.0

01/05/15 @ 02:16 PM

Today, we’re launching the official version of the Connect IQ SDK. It’s no longer a preview, ladies and gentlemen. It’s Connect IQ 1.0.0 Aikido Monkey. Here’s what’s new in this version:

• Simulators and device support for new compatible devices.
• Access to device settings, such as time format (12-hour vs. 24-hour) and metric vs. statute.
• Support for gestured watch faces. Previously, watch faces had been limited to updating once a minute. Now, watch faces can enable timers when you gesture that you’re looking at the watch.
• Ability to generate apps for the Connect IQ Store using the Package tool.

If you’re using the first or second preview SDKs, you’ll definitely want to update to version 1.0.0. And don’t forget you can now upload your watch faces and data fields to the Connect IQ Store.

3 Amazing New Connect IQ Devices Will Bring Your Apps To Life

01/05/15 @ 09:17 AM

We’re launching 3 new compatible Connect IQ devices today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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Ready to upload your creations to the Connect IQ Store?

01/05/15 @ 09:02 AM

We’ve been working on it for months, and now it’s (halfway) ready. The Connect IQ Store at is finally open for widgets and data fields. That means that users can now get all the wonderful widgets and data fields that you’ve built.

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Welcome to the developer blog!

01/05/15 @ 07:01 AM

We’re excited to announce that our developer blog is now up and running. Right here is where you’ll find insights into the products and technology behind each of our developer programs:

  • Connect IQ SDK — Develop watch faces, data fields, widgets and apps for our wearable devices.
  • Garmin Connect API — Access robust data for timed activities that are generated from Garmin devices for your website or application.
  • Wellness Program — Develop custom applications for health and fitness data generated through Garmin devices with our Wellness API.
  • Fleet Management — Manage your fleet with our fleet management interface, protocols, and APIs built into select devices.
  • Custom Maps — Design and build custom maps that can be easily loaded on our devices.
  • Custom POIs & Voices — Build secure POIs, travel guides and voices for a variety of our devices.
  • Open Source — See the archives for our Open Source software-based products.
  • VIRB Program — Control, configure and stream VIRB action cameras using the VIRB Network Services API.
  • ANT Wireless Networks — Wireless connections for sensors and devices for sports, fitness and more.

To keep tabs on the latest news and hints that will help turn you into a productive Garmin developer, subscribe to the blog via RSS today. And if you have any questions, you can always check out our forum or Stack Overflow, or you can contact us directly. It’s a great time get started as a Garmin developer!