FMI Supported Protocols

Standard protocols

Text Message Protocol

  • Allows text messages sent to device to be displayed in “inbox” on unit.
  • Garmin can provide confirmation that message was read
  • Garmin can also provide a yes/no box below the text of the message to enable a simple quick response
  • Messages can be up to 128 characters in length
  • Messages can also be generated from device and sent to dispatch/office
  • Messages received will be notified to driver through a pop-up alert on Garmin screen
  • Garmin provides a “virtual keyboard” on device through a touch-screen format for all text communication

Stop (Destination) Protocol

  • Garmin can display a list of Stops/Jobs reported to the device in a separate icon called “My Stops”
  • Driver has ability to navigate directly to Stop from list
  • Garmin can provide status on current Stop in progress
    • Is driver en route?
    • Is driver stopped at location?
    • How far has Driver progressed through the list of Stops?
    • Garmin can also provide confirmation that driver has received a particular Stop, read the details, or deleted it from list
    • Can provide confirmation that a Stop has been completed

Estimated Time of Arrival Protocol

  • Dispatcher/office can request the ETA of the current stop/job in progress
  • Garmin will notify the actual time of arrival as well as distance remaining to stop

Auto-Arrival at Stop Protocol

  • This feature is used to tell the Garmin PND to automatically detect that it has arrived at a Stop and then to prompt the driver if they would like to mark the Stop as done and begin navigating to next Stop on the list
  • Auto-arrival can be determined by how long the unit is stopped close to the destination (in the event driver has to park and walk) or by how close the unit needs to be to the destination before the Auto-arrival feature is activated

Data Deletion Protocol

  • Dispatch/office has the ability to wipe clean the data on the Garmin PND
  • Clean up messages in inbox/remove stops

Enhanced Protocols

Enhanced protocols are available in Version 2 only.

Canned Responses/Messages

  • Fleet managers can communicate by sending up to 200 “canned” responses from server to be stored directly on Garmin devices
  • Up to 50 of these canned responses can be utilized for any given scenarios
  • Drivers can store up to 120 canned messages, eliminating the need to type while driving

Driver ID

  • Know the who, what, when and where for every vehicle in your fleet
  • Provides drivers the ability to login before starting their day with ID’s up to fifty characters in length

Status Protocol

  • Up-to-the-minute communications that allow drivers to automatically send status updates.
  • Driver’s units can store up to sixteen status indicators such as start/stop shift, on/off break, etc.

GPI File

  • Enables server to send POI’s to be stored in the device’s memory under the favorites folder
  • Number of POI’s that can be stored depends upon the amount of available memory on each unit
  • Perfect for cataloging company approved vendor locations, customers and various other locations

Personalized Icons

  • Companies can rename the dispatch icons as needed, giving each unit a designated function and unique personality

Download the Fleet Management Interface Developer Kit